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You resolved to take a dog from a shelter, came there and became puzzled: it is so much around the begging eyes! There would be an opportunity – would take away all, but it is only possible to make happy someone one … How to choose a dog in a shelter?

 How to choose a dog from a photo shelter

On a photo: dogs in a shelter

There are several rules which will help you to orient and not to regret about the made choice subsequently.

  1. One of the major criteria when choosing a dog, including from a shelter – temperament and character. If your hobby – viewing of a reality show on TV, and the dog begins to demand five-hour active walking, you will be hardly happy, besides probability is high that with boredom the dog will begin to introduce amendments in your interior. And vice versa – if you dream of joint marathon runnings, you should not take a dog who obviously does not correspond to your sports ambitions. In advance think over what you want from a dog, and only then, armed with this knowledge, go to choose the pet.
  2. Estimate the state of health dogs and the opportunities. Anyway, the dog from a shelter should be shown as soon as possible to the veterinarian as the state of health of the new pet can hardly be estimated "by eye", and shelters not always have an opportunity to use services of the veterinarian. But a serious illness, as a rule, is known at once. You can take also the dog who is obviously demanding difficult and expensive treatment or considerable costs of maintenance of acceptable quality of life if it is about a disabled dog, but in this case soberly estimate the opportunities – and not only financial. Whether there will be enough at you moral forces every day to look at a being to whom many pleasures of life are inaccessible?
  3. Think with whom to you will be more comfortable: with a puppy, an adult dog, or perhaps with an elderly wise dog? Each option has the pluses and minuses. The puppy is an opportunity to grow up a dog of a dream, but process of education will demand a lot of time and efforts. The adult dog is able to do something (for example, it can be accustomed to cleanliness), but features of behavior not absolutely pleasant to you which correct can be found in her it can be quite difficult. You can present to an elderly dog a happy decline of life, but it is necessary to prepare that it is necessary to leave a canine friend earlier than in case you take a young dog.
  4. the size of a dog Is important for you? If with thoroughbred dogs everything is more or less predictable, then how big the mongrel puppy from unknown parents will grow, to predict very difficult. So if the size matters, choose the teenager or an adult dog. By the way, the size of a dog has at all no direct link with that how many the place it will occupy houses. Happens that the large dog quietly lies in the corner, and it is not visible and it is not heard, and the tiny doggie manages every second to get to you under legs where you went.
  5. Pay attention to appearance. Beauty – a concept subjective: someone likes bulldogs, and someone is thrilled with terriers or "volkopodobny" huskies, and among metises a variety of types is far broader, than among thoroughbred dogs. So there is always an opportunity to choose the one who will please.
 to choose a dog in a photo shelter

On a photo: a dog in a shelter

If to choose a dog who does not suit you or your family, it is possible to make unfortunate all: both animal, and people. Not the fact that you will manage to change the pet "under yourself", and people are infrequently ready to change to correspond to the new family member and to provide him comfortable life.

But there are also exceptions. Sometimes people who got a dog not absolutely suitable, but to which there was "a love at first sight" change a way of life, study cynology to help a dog to cope with problems, become experts in the sphere of veterinary science … and happily live in the company of the new friend.

Nevertheless the main thing – is correct to estimate own forces.

 to choose a dog in a photo shelter

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