• Jan 17, 2020

Before going to choose a puppy huskies, honestly answer yourself important questions . Many choose this breed because of its of the famous representatives and therefore that huskies "are fashionable" now.

the Choice of a puppy huskies in general submits to the same rules, as the choice of a puppy any other breed.

Visit competitions or several exhibitions, study available information, communicate to other owners, get acquainted with dogs.

the Main that distinguishes the good manufacturer - it is his aspiration to grow up a healthy, clever, hardy dog. And the color and color of eyes of a puppy huskies — are secondary.

U huskies seldom defines a sex future character. Many dogs — obedient, balanced and gentle. Sookie are naughty and very vigorous.

is better to take a puppy huskies at the age of the 2nd month and is more senior. Huskies are capable to become attached to new owners at any age. Puppies huskies can be more senior are already accustomed to a lead, a cage and cleanliness. However the age is not so important how many how communicated with a dog and socialized.

Socialization, healthy genes, is a lot of communication, the correct leaving and training — pledge of the fact that your dog will become the wonderful friend and the partner.
 a photo huskies puppies with blue eyes
On a photo: puppies huskies

If you look for a puppy for participation in exhibitions and cultivation, look narrowly at appearance of parents as the kid will resemble them. And there are shortcomings which will close for you and your favourite a way on a ring. Besides you have to know how to distinguish thoroughbred huskies from a hybrid, and it is for this purpose better to consult at the expert.

the Thoroughbred Siberian Huskies — the dog of the average size, proportional, with easy and free movements and good character.

Any manifestations of an excessive kostistost or weight, the connected or clumsy pace, long or rough wool have to be regarded as shortcomings.

the Siberian Huskies should not remind
a heavy truck at the same time it not so easy and fragile to make the sprinter's impression.

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