• Dec 10, 2019
Before choosing a puppy of a basenji, think whether this dog is necessary to you.
of the Basenji extremely is not recommended to be got to beginners. Independence and independence will cause the mass of inconveniences to the people not familiar with training bases. And not to each experienced dog breeder this breed "on teeth".
 the Puppy of a basenji On a photo: The puppy of a basenji is not enough
of Self-confidence. Basenjis do not apply for domination — they just do not recognize authorities and walk in itself. Therefore think once again, and once again before deciding on purchase.
Surely get acquainted with parents of the potential pet. Whether they behave aggressively? How well-groomed look parents and puppies? In what conditions do they contain? Whether there are documents (including vetspravka and results of tests for a dysplasia)?

whether was injuries at childbirth, whether it was given to puppies glistogonny what vaccination is done. Ask to tell about character and features of each kid in more detail.
As the puppy of a basenji perceives any noise? Whether he met other animals — and if yes, as treats them? What were parents and also farther ancestors ill? How often and that do kids eat? How to look after the pet?

From the conscientious manufacturer should not pull out pincers each word. It not only will throw out on you a lot of useful and interesting information, but also itself will ask a set of questions: about your experience, preferences, the purposes, conditions in which there will live a kid.

Together with a puppy of a basenji have to transfer you a puppyish card and the pet passport.
 the Puppy of a basenji On a photo: Puppy of a basenji "

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