• Dec 10, 2019
Before choosing a puppy of a basset hound, carefully everything consider.
 the Basset hound adult and puppies of a photo On a photo: the adult basset hound and puppies
Emergence in the house of a little basset by all means will deck your life new paints. Not always iridescent. A basset hound – extraordinary interesting, charismatic pet, at the same time – not too simple in education. Therefore it is worth thinking of it only in case to you not to occupy endurance and patience and also if you have an experience of keeping of dogs.

For a thoroughbred puppy of a basset hound is better to go to special nursery or to the checked manufacturer. In this case you have a chance to get the healthy pet who is not burdened with bad heredity. Besides the good manufacturer will not refuse recommendations concerning leaving and education of a puppy and itself will surely throw out on you information tub – and about breed in general, and about advantages of parents and also will take care of keeping track of the fate of the kid and to help you councils in case of difficulties.

Attend several exhibitions, communicate to experts at least slightly to understand breed.

Study family trees of parents.

Be defined by
for what to you a puppy. If you want to shine at exhibitions – you need the pet of a show class. If you choose the partner – listen to heart.

Estimate conditions of keeping of puppies, a state and fatness of mother. Indoors has to be light, it is spacious and tidied up.

the Healthy puppy of a basset hound – well-fed, mobile, with good appetite and clear eyes. The hair is smooth, skin clean. A nose and eyes – without allocations. Correct bite. On a tail there are no zalom. On a tummy there should not be hernia. Direct and podgy pads – sign of strong skeleton of a puppy of a basset. Thoroughbred dogs have a brand which number is specified in documents of a puppy.

the Choice of a floor – a question of personal preferences, cannot be universal council here.

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