• Dec 11, 2019
of the Rule of the choice of a puppy of a beagle in many respects coincide with rules of the choice of a puppy any other breed, however there is a number of features.
 Puppy of a beagle of a photo Puppy of a beagle. The photo is provided by nursery Medzhik Lyne.
the Beagle became fashionable recently. And this process could not but affect quality of the sold puppies. Among them there are a lot of those who only bear a faint resemblance to beagles. And the inexperienced person, besides, risks to buy a sick puppy, and even not from manufacturers, and from dealers who do not undertake any responsibility for the future of the kid at all.

Before making the decision on purchase of any dog, once carefully all pros and cons weigh. Answer of 7 important questions . Only if all questions are brightened and all of you are still full of determination, it is possible to start the choice of future friend.

Study a family tree of parents. Good heredity – very important thing.

Get acquainted with parents of future pet. Estimate how healthy and active they look whether they have mental health problems. They have to be well-fed and balanced. It is good if mother licks puppies, plays with them, does not show aggression.
what conditions contain puppies. If insanitary conditions and hunger reign in nursery, and kids are intimidated, worthy dogs from them, alas, it will not turn out. In what state a berth, a feeding trough and a drinking bowl? Whether the place and opportunities for games suffices?
Examine kids. If they are healthy, then will be moderately well-fed (but without the inflated stomachs), cheerful and curious. Specify whether veterinary procedures were carried out. And if yes – what.

Distinctive feature of a color of a puppy of a beagle – a white tip of a tail. Pay attention to it.

However, sometimes the most right criterion is "it is pleasant so that there are no forces to resist". Nevertheless to you for many years to share with this dog grieves and pleasures. It is very important to sympathize each other.
 Puppy of a beagle of a photo Puppy of a beagle. The photo is provided by nursery Medzhik Lyne. "

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