• Dec 11, 2019
Before going for a puppy of a bichon a frieze, once again weigh all pros and cons. Whether share your desire to get a dog all family members? Who will walk with the pet? With whom do the dog will remain if you have to go to a business trip?
 puppies of a bichon a frieze
the Bichon a frieze – lovely, benevolent, obedient dogs therefore even beginners can take them. But care of them is not so simple, and it needs to be considered.

the Cost of a puppy of a bichon a frieze is determined individually and depends on a class of a dog (exhibition, for cultivation or just the partner), the level of nursery and age. Puppies of 3 - 4 months, as a rule, are more expensive than more senior dogs.
do not consider
lost time spent at choice of nursery. The good manufacturer will surely ask you on the purchase purposes, conditions of keeping of the pet, will help with the choice and will give a set of useful tips on feeding, leaving and education of a puppy of a bichon a frieze. If on your questions of breed or of puppies evasive answers follow – better to look for other nursery.
Estimate conditions of keeping of puppies. The room has to be clean and spacious, without unpleasant smell.
Get acquainted with parents of the potential pet, study their family trees. Study the act of knitting. Ask the pet passport of a puppy, be convinced that the kid has a puppyish card, verify a brand. In the pet passport the done vaccination and glistogonny actions have to be specified.
Should not take
a puppy of a bichon a frieze 3 months are younger.
Observe puppies. Little bichons a frieze should not show cowardice, aggression or slackness. Play with the attracted kid. Ask the seller questions of health of parents and farther ancestors, of genetic diseases.
If decided on the choice of a puppy of a bichon a frieze, ask to issue the contract of purchase and sale.

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