• Dec 11, 2019
Before choosing a puppy of a biver-Yorkshire terrier, set to yourself important questions and honestly answer them.
 the Puppy of a biver-Yorkshire terrier of a photo
On a photo: puppy of a biver-Yorkshire terrier

in general, the choice of a puppy of a biver-Yorkshire terrier submits to the same rules, as the choice of a puppy any breed, however there are features characteristic of biver.

of Biver-yorki – breed young and so far rather rare. Therefore not to meet a hybrid, study the description of the standard in advance. It is difficult to judge by a puppy, but parents have to conform to the standard.

the Adult biver-Yorkshire terrier has growth in withers about 22 cm and the weight of 2 - 3.5 kg. Eyes are small, dark, on centuries there is an eyeliner. Ears are standing, are located closely to each other, triangular. The trunk is compact, extremities (front and back) absolutely direct.
Pay attention to a color of parents. On the head there has to be a combination of three flowers (white, black and red or white, blue and red), on a trunk – two colors (white and black). Red trunk hair should not be. Forepaws, breast and tummy purely white.
the Good biver-Yorkshire terrier – inquisitive and active, without signs of aggression.
If you choose by
a puppy for future participation in exhibitions or cultivation, remember that there are shortcomings which will bar to your pet the way on a ring. These are light eyes, a depigmentation a century, a visloukhost, curly, wavy or rare and short wool, golden marks on a trunk, it is more than 80% white in a color.
Surely study exhibition diplomas of parents, their descriptions.
Is remarkable if when choosing a puppy of a biver-Yorkshire terrier you have an opportunity to rely on opinion of the independent expert.

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