• Dec 11, 2019
the Puppy of a bobtail – a charming being, however before choosing the pet, hundred times think – whether really it is "your" breed. Bobtails are the large dogs demanding very many place. Also they possess long wool which it is quite difficult to look after. And the pet will demand attention from you oh as much!
 the Puppy of a bobtail of a photo On a photo: a puppy of a bobtail If you are firmly sure by
that you need a bobtail, it is possible to start the choice of a puppy.

Attend exhibitions, look at dogs, communicate to manufacturers and already taken place owners.

Personal acquaintance to parents of the potential pet will give you the chance to understand that it will grow from this fluffy lump. If parents are healthy and possess good mentality, then and puppies will resemble them. Surely pay attention as mother of puppies behaves and as she reacts to people.
If you look for future star of exhibitions, remember that at 2-month age to reveal the champion extremely difficult. But consultation with the expert will increase your chances.
For what you bought a puppy, he has to be healthy. At a healthy puppy of a bobtail clean eyes, ears and skin, a moist nose and a soft tummy.
Ask the manufacturer any questions, even "inconvenient". The good manufacturer with pleasure will answer them and, in turn, will ask you on the acquisition purpose puppies and conditions in which he will live. If your questions are raised at the manufacturer irritation or answers seem to you indistinct, it is worth looking for other nursery.

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