• Dec 16, 2019
the Choice of a puppy of a bull terrier depends on the purpose which you set before future pet. What you see it? It will be just the partner or, for example, the athlete.
Set to yourself important questions and receive on them sincere answers.
the Choice of a puppy of a bull terrier is similar to to the choice of a puppy of any other breed , however there is a number of features which need to be considered.
the Bull terrier — quite large, strong, independent dog who can become a problem for the inexperienced or diffident person.
Therefore if you the beginner, once again think: perhaps, it is worth stopping on some other breed? Whether you are sure of the forces?
you can Buy
a bull terrier in Belarus in good nursery with the checked reputation. Remarkably, if you have an opportunity to compare several dung.
 Puppy of a bull terrier of a photo
On a photo: puppy of a bull terrier

that dogs of bull terriers are larger, are more aggressive and independent, they run in search of adventures more often. Boughs, as a rule, more devoted and tender, get on with children less risk better that she will decide to join "free" relatives and to abandon you. Therefore not to the really experienced dog breeder who decided to take a bull terrier, a bough approaches more.

whether diseases Were i> in a sort? If you decided to take a tiny bull terrier, take an interest whether parents have a test for PLL — a disease of eyes.
If you choose by
a puppy for participation in exhibitions or cultivation, consider that some shortcomings can forever bar to you the way on a ring. These are pronounced deviations from the standard. For example, according to the FCI standards bull terriers of a blue and brown color have few chances of a victory.
If you the experienced dog breeder also dream of a bull terrier, it is possible to take also an adult dog. However such option will demand from you much more warmth and patience.

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