• Jan 8, 2020
 two puppies kurtskharasidit on a photo blanket
On a photo: puppies of a kurtskhaar
Before choosing a puppy of the German kurtskhaar, once again weigh all pros and cons.
Set to yourself important questions and receive on them sincere answers.
the Choice of a puppy of the German kurtskhaar in many respects submits to to the same laws , as the choice of a puppy of any other breed. However there are features characteristic of the German kurtskhaar.
First of all, you remember that it is an active hunting dog. Now kurtskhaara, however, "work" as both athletes, and rozysknik, and just partners, however the hunting dog needs to be taken from parents hunters.
If you plan participation of the pet in exhibitions or cultivation, pay special attention to an exterior not only kids, but also, first of all, parents.
Look at
whether the color of a puppy of a kurtskhaar conforms to pedigree standards.
that there are eksteryerny shortcomings which can forever close for your pet the road on a ring:
  1. Aggression or cowardice.
  2. Nedokus and having a snack, distortion and all intermediate states.
  3. Any additional teeth which are going beyond a tooth arch.
  4. Wolf mouth and cleft lip.
  5. Very loose-hanging eyelids, double number of eyelashes.
  6. Very soft back, defects of a backbone.
  7. Any underdevelopment of a breast, for example "the torn-off breast" (the short breast which is suddenly interrupted in the belly line).
  8. Pribyly fingers.
whether you Want to take
to a bough or a dog? The dog "will not bring in a hem" unwanted puppies, it does not have techka. Representatives of "stronger sex" conform to a large extent to the standard as it is written from dogs. Besides the dog of the German kurtskhaar can hunt all the year round.
But if you have a desire to get puppies, you will be deprived of such opportunity (if, of course, owners of "ladies" do not queue for genes of your "boy"). Dogs are more aggressive and independent, they run in search of adventures more often. There is an opinion, as they are trained worse, but here everything is relative.
If you choose
to a bough, then can plan acquisition by posterity (if, of course, your dog is healthy), "girl" studies easier. Boughs, as a rule, more devoted and tender less risk that she will decide to join "free" relatives and to abandon you.
However you risk
, without having looked through, to obtain a brood of unwanted puppies and a headache on their pristroystvo. To the same for the period of a techka it is necessary to forget about hunting.
is better to take a puppy of a kurtskhaar aged 2 months are not younger and 6 months are not more senior.
So to it it will be simpler to
to adapt in your family.
to estimate bravery of the kid, it is possible to throw a bunch of keys on a floor. Timid puppies will scatter in all directions, courageous will approach to take an interest what the thingummy is.

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