• Jan 13, 2020

Before choosing a puppy of a poodle, once again weigh all pros and cons.

 the Puppy of a poodle of a photo On a photo: a puppy of a poodle

Set to yourself important questions and receive on them sincere answers.

of the Rule of the choice of a puppy of a poodle in general coincide with rules of the choice any other dog. However there are features characteristic of a poodle.
the Poodle — a vigorous and mobile dog for whom active games and long walks are necessary. Whether you are ready to it?
If you choose by
the pet for exhibitions and cultivation, surely pay attention to appearance not only a puppy, but also parents. Consider that there are shortcomings which can forever close to your pet the road on a ring:

  1. Aggression or cowardice.
  2. Growth exceeding 62 cm for big poodles and height less than 23 cm for that - poodles.
  3. Beskhvostost or kutsekhvostost (by nature).
  4. Pribyly fingers or traces of their removal on back extremities.
  5. Any signs of a dwarfish nanizm: the skull is spherical, lack of a visible occipital hillock, too expressed transition from a forehead to a muzzle, "on roll out eyes", a muzzle too short or hitched up.
  6. Poorly expressed frontal groove.
  7. Too graceful frame at that - poodles.
  8. the Tail completely in a ring.
  9. Not one-color (non-uniform) color of wool.
  10. Any white spots on the case and/or on extremities in all colors, except white.
  11. nose Lobe absolutely depigmented.
  12. Having a snack and недокус.
  13. Any arrangement of teeth which can injure a dog (for example, incorrectly located canine resting against the sky).
  14. Lack of one or several teeth.

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