• Dec 18, 2019
Before choosing a puppy of a sleek-haired fox terrier, once again consider as far as you are ready to undertake care of a dog.
 the Sleek-haired fox terrier and a puppy
the Sleek-haired fox terrier with a puppy

are Presented by you what difficulties can arise? Whether you realize that your life for a long time will change? This your decision or you gave in on children's arrangements? With whom do the dog will remain if you go to a business trip or to a holiday? Whether you are ready to expenses not only on a forage, but also on the veterinarian, conditioning agents? Whether everything family members divide your enthusiasm?

Attend several exhibitions, communicate to breeders of fox terriers and other owners. Thus you will be able to understand whether really this breed suits you.
Choose good nursery with the checked reputation. It will not give a 100% guarantee that in the future you will have no problems, but will significantly increase chances to buy a healthy puppy. If there is an opportunity, look at several dung.

Get acquainted with puppy parents, study their family trees. Adult dogs should not be aggressive or coward. The puppy has to be well-fed, live and cheerful. Eyes, ears, a nose – clean, without allocations. Estimate teeth: the bite has to be nozhnitseobrazny, 4 canines and 6 cutters.

whether the kid took the glistogonny drugs.

the Puppy of 45 days from a sort has to have a brand or the chip.

how fed puppies. At first you should adhere to the same diet. If you want to change something later, do it gradually and carefully.

is better to buy a puppy at the age of 45 — 60 days.
 Puppies of a sleek-haired fox terrier Puppies of a sleek-haired fox terrier

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