• Jan 14, 2020

Consider that puppies of this breed are rare, and therefore are expensive. But before counting financial opportunities and to choose a puppy of a Thai ridgeback dog, once again weigh all pros and cons.

 a Thai ridgeback dog sits a photo
On a photo: puppy of a Thai ridgeback dog
in general, the choice of a puppy of a Thai ridgeback dog submits to same to the general principles , as the choice of a puppy of any other breed. However there are features characteristic of "Thais".

Whether you will be able to find for a dog enough time? If you work for days on end and when you come back home, you have enough forces only for the newspaper or series, the Thai ridgeback dog will hardly suit you.

This breed requires constant communication, attention, "Thais" extremely badly transfer loneliness and awfully miss in the absence of the owner.

In addition, a puppy of a Thai ridgeback dog — extraordinary vigorous being. With it it is necessary to be engaged, communicate, walk and to bring up constantly. Whether you will cope?

Set to yourself other important questions — and receive honest answers. Only after that it is possible to start directly the choice of a puppy.

If you plan participation in exhibitions or cultivation, remember that there are shortcomings which can bar to the pet the way on a ring:

  1. Aggression or cowardice .
  2. Lack of a ridge (a characteristic crest on a back).
  3. Long wool.
  4. the Wrong bite (any, except nozhnitseobrazny).

It is also quite good to study the standard of breed to estimate as far as parents of the attracted puppy correspond to it.

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