• Dec 17, 2019

Before going to choose a puppy of a veymaraner, once again weigh all pros and cons.

Set to yourself important questions and sincerely answer them.

the Principles of the choice of a puppy of a veymaraner are in many respects similar to the principles of the choice of a puppy any other breed. However there are features characteristic of this breed.
 the Puppy of a veymaraner of a photo
On a photo: puppies of a veymaraner

A weimaraner — very active dog. Whether there will be enough at you self-discipline that every day, in any weather to go to long active walks, to play with a dog, to train it?

A weimaraner — the rare breed, and upon purchase "from hands" is high the probability to receive the metis — for decent money. Therefore surely choose good nursery with the checked reputation. And previously study all available information on breed to see as far as parents and puppies conform to the standard.

It is better to choose a hunting dog in that nursery which owners pay special attention to working qualities.

If you choose a puppy of a veymaraner for participation in exhibitions or cultivation, consider that deviations can forever close the road on a ring from the standard. In particular, at veymaraner, unlike the majority of other dogs, an eye of amber color, from dark to pale. At puppies of an eye azure so to define what it will be, difficult. But you can look narrowly at parents.

The color of a veymaraner has to be silver-gray and any other. White marks are allowed on a breast and paws.

include Other defects of an exterior of a veymaraner:
  1. Too rough or too easy addition.
  2. Nedokus, having a snack, absent teeth.
  3. ears, Remote from the head.
  4. Pro-hanging or humpbacked back. The expressed vysokozadost.
  5. Rachitic or underdeveloped extremities.
  6. Constraint of movements.
  7. the Expressed deviation in growth.

On a hair of a puppy of a veymaraner there should not be high temples, and on skin — sores.

Pay attention to temperament of a puppy. Already of activity not to occupy Veymaranera and if you choose the most bright kid or the notorious leader, then you risk to acquire additional problems.

However if you need the athlete or the hunter, these qualities — only "on a hand".

However, weimaraners are rather "flexible" dogs, and the most important for them is an education.

If something confused you or it seemed suspicious, it is better to refuse purchase or to take extra time on decision-making.

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