• Dec 17, 2019

Before choosing a puppy of a Welsh Corgi, carefully think over whether you are ready to arrange the life under needs of a dog? Whether are sure that you have enough resources (temporary, financial), and you will not grow cold to the pet in few months? Only if you were resolved and all members of household divide your confidence, it is possible to begin the choice of a puppy.

 Puppies of a Welsh Corgi On a photo: Puppies of a Welsh Corgi
Attend exhibitions, communicate to manufacturers and owners of a Welsh Corgi.

Visit several nurseries – it will give the chance to compare and choose the best.

Pay attention as mother and puppies contains, than they are fed, how purely indoors whether kids have an opportunity to play.

Study family trees of both parents. Be convinced available at a puppy of the pet passport and a puppyish card.

Low price has to guard with
. It is quite difficult to Welsh Corgi to part therefore cheap they are not.

Puppies of this breed mature quicker, than representatives of other breeds. Therefore the two-month puppy will demand a lot of patience and attention. To it it is necessary to be ready. If the pet because of a lack of communication of you gains bad habits, they will be extremely difficult to be corrected.

Healthy kid cheerful and active, inquisitive, sociable. Aggression, shyness or obvious manifestations of cowardice are inadmissible.

the puppy has to have a nozhnitseobrazny bite.

Eyes, ears and a nose clean, without allocations.

Hair brilliant, not fluffy and not curly.

the Tail (if it is not stopped) should not rise above the line of a back.

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