• Dec 17, 2019

Before going for a puppy of a West Highland White Terrier, once again weigh all pros and cons. Whether share your desire to get a dog all family members? Who will walk with the pet (and the West Highland White Terrier will demand long and active walks)? With whom do the dog will remain if you have to go to a business trip?

 the Puppy of a West Highland White Terrier of a photo On a photo: a puppy of a West Highland White Terrier

Attend several exhibitions, talk to other owners of West Highland White Terriers, choose the good manufacturer with the checked reputation.

The conscientious manufacturer will acquaint with parents of kids and will show their family trees, will tell as well as what puppies eat, will make recommendations about feeding, contents, leaving, will consult concerning character and features of each puppy. Also it will ask you a set of questions, including of the purposes of acquisition of a dog, and will help to decide on the choice.

At a healthy puppy a cold damp nose (if, of course, it not only that woke up), clean eyes and ears, a soft tummy, good appetite. The puppy of a West Highland White Terrier has to be inquisitive, sociable, mobile, not timid.

If you choose just a pet – best of all to listen to the heart, to communicate to kids and to choose the one who is most nice. But if you need future star of exhibitions, it is worth securing with consultation of the expert.

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