• Dec 10, 2019
Before going to choose a puppy of a white Swiss sheep-dog, be convinced that all family members share your desire.
 the Puppy of a white Swiss sheep-dog of a photo On a photo: A puppy of a white Swiss sheep-dog by
It is important to choose correctly a puppy of a white Swiss sheep-dog not to face problems in the future.
If is necessary to you a thoroughbred dog, go to specialized nursery which will be able to provide documents of parents of a puppy for acquaintance. A white Swiss sheep-dog – breed rather young and not really known, unfair manufacturers can use it, as a result you can get a hybrid. Mongrels are remarkable dogs and loyal friends, but you pay at the same time as for the thoroughbred pet. And looking at a two-month puppy, it is difficult to understand whether he is really white Swiss sheep-dog.
the Healthy puppy of a white Swiss sheep-dog has to be active, have a clean hair, brilliant eyes, a nose – without allocations. The tummy has to be not inflated, but at the same time the puppy should not seem thin.
do not hesitate to ask "inconvenient" questions. The good manufacturer with pleasure will answer everything, and from bad it is better to steer clear.
Find out
whether was in the family of your potential pet of genetic diseases. The good manufacturer will report "pure" results of tests of parents for genetic diseases (in particular, on a dysplasia).

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