• Dec 24, 2019
Before going to choose a puppy of a wire-haired fox terrier, once again sincerely answer yourself of 7 important questions .
 Puppies of a wire-haired fox terrier On a photo: Puppies of a wire-haired fox terrier
Attend exhibitions, discuss the ideas of breed with manufacturers and other owners. So your idea of breed will be more objective, and the decision — more weighed.

When choosing the manufacturer be guided by reputation. Yes, in the future it will not give a 100% guarantee of lack of problems, but chances to buy a good puppy will significantly increase. It is desirable to see several dung if there is an opportunity.
Study family trees of parents, get acquainted with them. The adult dog should not behave aggressively or coward.
the Healthy puppy — well-fed, live and cheerful. It has a clean nose, ears and eyes.
the Puppy at the age of 45 days has to have the chip or a brand already.
By 2 months at puppies of a wire-haired fox terrier is already brightly expressed oblongness of a muzzle. It is what distinguishes fox terriers from, for example, Jack Russell Terriers.
, than fed kids — at first you will adhere to the same diet. All changes are entered carefully and gradually, and precisely not at once.
it is better for
of the Puppy of a wire-haired fox terrier to get at the age of 60 days.

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