• Jan 4, 2020
the Dog, even small — not a toy which, having spoiled, it is possible to put away in a box. The main advice to those who decided to get a puppy — to think once again. And once again.
 a Yorkshire terrier puppies, puppies in a box, a gift
Set to yourself important questions and receive on them sincere answers.
When choosing a puppy of a Yorkshire terrier work same of the rule, as when choosing any other breed . About them you can read on our website in the section "Life with the Pet". However there are moments which need to be considered when choosing Yorkshire terrier.
Remember that a dog, even such small — not a toy which, having spoiled, it is possible to put away in a box. Yorkshire terrier is the real terrier in whose small little body lion's heart fights.
the Yorkshire terrier can be not only a sofa doggie. If you the fan of active lifestyle, the representative of breed is quite capable to keep you the company in a long campaign. Just then it is worth choosing a puppy larger. He will cost cheaper, but will bring pleasures at all not less.
it is the best of all for
to Buy a puppy of a Yorkshire terrier in the checked nursery with good reputation. Remarkably, if you have an opportunity to compare several dung.
Study the standard of a Yorkshire terrier, the photo, attend exhibitions. So you will be able to understand whether parents conform to the standard of breed.
Attentively examine puppies. Remember that by 2 months ears at Yorkshire terriers not always rise. But on edge of an ear there should not be baldness or crusts.
Reddening or peeling of skin, dandruff — a serious occasion to prick up the ears.
can indicate Limping or the held-down movements possible problems with joints.
If you lower the kid on a floor and will depart, and he will run for you - it is an active, balanced doggie. But if at the same time tries to bite for legs — there is a probability that it also will remain "kusaky" forever.
If a puppy follows you uncertainly — he is timid. And running away at full speed, having put the tail between the legs, most likely, will grow the little coward.
can Also turn a puppy on a back and to hold for half-minute. Inclined to resistance will begin to escape and bite, balanced it posoprotivlyatsya, but will soon calm down, timid will grow quiet at once, and the little coward will tensely shrink.
However, education is not less important, than heredity. If the kid grows in the house where there are a lot of movements, sounds, people, there is an opportunity to communicate with other animals, he will become clever and contact.

The dog partner has to be affectionate and friendly. Ideal it is possible to call that puppy of a Yorkshire terrier who does not put the tail between the legs at the sight of you, willingly accepts caress, does not resist if it is taken on hands, and, on the contrary, tries to lick the owner.

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