• Dec 18, 2019

Before going to choose a puppy of an airdale, once again weigh all pros and cons.
 Puppy of an airdale of a photo
On a photo: puppy of an airdale
Set to yourself important questions and receive on them sincere answers.
in general, the choice of a puppy of an airdale submits to the same principles, as the choice of a puppy any other breed. However there are features characteristic of an airdale.
Erdeli are not so simple as it can seem. To the beginner or the person demanding thoughtless and implicit obedience with them it can be difficult. Therefore the choice of a puppy of an airdale has to be conscious.
Be defined by
whether the athlete, the security guard or just cheerful, cheerful partner is necessary to you. It is better to take a working dog in nursery which specializes in this direction.
it is important to
to understand whether you want to get to a bough or a dog. Dogs of an airdale are more independent, they run in search of adventures more often. Boughs, as a rule, more devoted and tender less risk that she will decide to join "free" relatives and to abandon you.
the Airdale does not fade and has no specific smell. It is undoubted plus. However consider that hair of an airdale demands specific leaving. Whether you are ready to additional expenses on the groomer?
Take an interest in
whether parents of a puppy of an airdale have results of tests for genetic diseases:

  1. Giperurikozuriya is the hereditary disease connected with accumulation of salts of uric acid and formation of stones.
  2. the Degenerative miyelopatiya of dogs — the serious progressing neurodegenerative illness causing paralysis of back extremities.
If you plan participation in exhibitions or cultivation, remember that there is a number of shortcomings which can bar to your pet the way on a ring. For example, white marks in a color (some white hair between front legs are admissible), aggression or cowardice. In general, it is desirable to study the standard in advance to understand as far as parents of the kid who attracted to you correspond to it.

the Weight of a puppy of an airdale on months

Age of a puppy of an airdale Weight of a puppy of an airdale
1 month 2.3 — 2.8 kg
2 months 6 — 6.5 kg
3 months 10 — 11 kg

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