• Dec 4, 2019

the Choice of a puppy of an amstaff depends on the purpose which you set before future pet. What you see it? It will be the athlete, the security guard or just the partner?
Before going to choose a puppy of an amstaff, set to yourself important questions and sincerely answer them.
the General principles of the choice of a puppy are fair also for the American Staffordshire terrier. However there are nuances characteristic of this breed. They need to be considered.
the American Staffordshire terrier — very strong and active dog. Whether there will be enough at you self-discipline that every day, in any weather to go to long active walks, to play with a dog, to train it?
the American Staffordshire terrier — quite serious dog. And it is necessary to bring her only to those who are firmly convinced in the forces, and this confidence has to be supported with past positive experience of keeping of dogs.
If you take
the security guard, estimate steadiness of the kid. If the American Staffordshire terrier at two-month age is aggressive, in the future it can become uncontrollable. The bodyguard will turn out from the puppy with quiet character taken at the age of 2 months.
 Amstaff adult and a puppy of a photo
On a photo: puppy of an amstaff and adult American Staffordshire terrier
If you plan to participate in exhibitions or cultivation, consider that there is a number of eksteryerny shortcomings which will forever close to you the road on a ring:
  1. hepatic or black and subdead colors,
  2. corporal color of a lobe of a nose,
  3. light eyes,
  4. having a snack,
  5. distortion lower jaws,
  6. deafness,
  7. the long or stopped tail,
  8. amble.
In countries of Western Europe knocking over of ears is forbidden. In Belarus there is no such ban, however at exhibitions, according to the FCI standard, preference is given to not stopped ears.
to the Person who has not a lot of experience is better to stop the choice on a bough.
of "Lady" give in to training better and are not so inclined to domination, become attached to owners quicker and seek to please more. At the same time they do not concede in courage and force to dogs. The techka can become complexity, during this period it is worth showing the increased attentiveness on walks.
of "Boy" more aggressive, more vigorously and more independently, demand more time and patience in the course of training.
Young amstaffa are very playful. You should spend a lot of time and forces to send their rough energy to the necessary course — and then you receive the wonderful loyal friend.

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