• Dec 3, 2019
Before going to choose a puppy of the American Akita, sincerely answer yourself of 7 important questions .
in general, rules of the choice of a puppy of the American Akita are similar to rules of the choice of a puppy other breeds, however there are features.
Be defined by
, for what purpose you buy a dog. If to you working qualities are important — go to working nursery. If you want to shine at exhibitions — to the manufacturer who grew up a great number of champions. If the pet is necessary just, it is possible to take a healthy puppy with more gentle disposition.

American an Akita — healthy, strong dogs, and a sick species of puppies has to guard you. Do not take the kid if the following signs are observed:
  • the Watering eyes.
  • the Inflated tummy or leanness.
  • Dim hair.
  • Rash on a stomach.
  • the Puppy scratches.
  • the Puppy moves hardly.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Cough.
Puppies of the American Akita are similar to little bear cubs. A good puppy — courageous, with a tail, zakinuty on a back, the volume head, small dark eyes, small ears.
On a photo: puppies of the American Akita
At a puppy of the American Akita ears get up by 4 months. Too large or thin ears rise hardly.
the Lobe of a nose has to be black (at a white dog it is allowed brown), but at a spotty dog or at an Akita with protochiny the nose can "be painted over" only by 4 — 6 months. However if you choose a similar puppy, then risk to win never at an exhibition.

If your purpose — exhibitions, it is not necessary to take also a white puppy: it is difficult to white dogs to win against painted. If a puppy spotty, not less than 1/3 cases have to be "color" (and it is better — more than 2/3).

Hair of a thoroughbred puppy of an Akita dense, direct, elastic, sticks out a hedgehog. No tows behind ears or on paws should be. But also very short wool — too not too good sign.

However often choose that puppy who pleased, but not the one who conforms to the standard more. And often similar choice — the most successful. The main thing — to find the dog, a soulmate.
On a photo: puppy of the American Akita "

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