• Dec 4, 2019
Before choosing a puppy of the American pit bull terrier, set to yourself of 7 important questions and receive on them sincere answers.

Communicate to manufacturers and other owners, study information on breed. Whether precisely you need a pit bull terrier?
 a puppy of the American pit bull terrier On a photo: > the Puppy of the American pit bull terrier
Decide by i on the aim which you pursue. If you want to participate in exhibitions, you need a puppy of a show class. If you plan cultivation — the brid-class will approach. However both those, and others cost quite much. If you plan a role of a pet or the athlete for a dog, it is possible to take a puppy of a pet-class — let externally it lose to tribespeople, but it does not affect character. Such puppy will cheaper cost.

However consider
that in 2 months it is extremely difficult to understand what the puppy will grow. Therefore those who seek to win all titles on exhibition rings often take the bred puppies (6 — 8 months from a sort) when in them inclinations of future champions are already more or less visible.
But it is a two-edged sword. At this age at a dog habits which can not be pleasant to you, and more difficult retrain, than to teach from scratch can be already created. In a case with a little puppy of the American pit bull terrier formation of character — in your hands.
If, it is worth looking at several dung and to take time for considering and decision-making that in a quiet situation to analyse conditions of keeping of mother and puppies and to decide on the choice.

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