• Dec 10, 2019

Before choosing a puppy of the Argentina mastiff, many times think whether precisely you need this dog.

 the Puppy of the Argentina mastiff runs on a photo grass On a photo: a puppy of the Argentina mastiff

With the Argentina mastiff it is necessary to be engaged constantly, to walk much, it needs quite big space, and he eats much. Whether such test can do to you? And with whom there will be a dog when you go to a holiday?

When choosing a sex of a puppy consider that at the Argentina mastiffs the sexual dimorphism is strongly expressed, that is the dog considerably massivny, is larger and stronger, than a bough. It is more straightforward and stable in work, but also is more pugnacious and is always ready for feats – and not all his ideas will be pleasant to you. Boughs of the Argentina mastiff are strongly subject to changes of mood because of hormonal changes, but also, they are inventive and cunning.

Be defined by

for what to you a dog. If your purpose – to buy decoration of a sofa, then is better to forget about the Argentina mastiff at once. Representatives of this breed are active and active dogs. And if you want to combine protection of the house and an exhibition, it is necessary to choose a puppy very carefully.

Attend several exhibitions, look at dogs of this breed close and communicate to manufacturers and other owners.

Choosing a puppy of the Argentina mastiff, surely get acquainted with both parents, and alive, but not on the picture. And if there is an opportunity, it is better to look at several dung in different nurseries, and then to make the choice.

A healthy puppy of the Argentina mastiff well-fed, but not fat, mobile and cheerful, with a brilliant smooth hair, clean eyes and a nose, without manifestations of an allergy.

Observe adult dogs. They can be excited and even to growl on you, but have to cope well. Estimate, how fast the owner will be able to call them for adequate behavior. If someone from parents is uncontrollable, there is a probability, as puppies will be the same – whether it is worth risking?

The puppy of the Argentina mastiff has to be curious and sociable, without the slightest signs of aggression or cowardice.

It is better to take a puppy of the Argentina mastiff at the age of 60 days.

 the Argentina mastiff a puppy and the adult of a photo On a photo: puppy of the Argentina mastiff and adult dog "

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