• Dec 11, 2019
Before choosing a puppy of the Belgian sheep-dog of a malinu, surely once again weigh all pros and cons.
 Puppy of the Belgian sheep-dog of a malinu
Puppy of the Belgian sheep-dog of a malinu
the Belgian sheep-dog of a malinu — a hyperactive, serious working dog who is a little suitable for life in the apartment. It needs long walks and trainings. Whether you will be able to provide the necessary level of activity? Whether there will be enough at you persistence, hardness and self-confidence correctly to bring up a puppy? Whether everything members of household will get on with the new family member? With whom do the dog will remain if you go to a business trip or to a holiday? How will appearance of a dog affect other pets if they are?
to the Inexperienced owner is not recommended to stop the choice on the Belgian sheep-dog.
If all of you are firmly sure by
that all of you your destiny — Belgian sheep-dog of a malinu, do not hurry. Attend exhibitions, communicate to other owners, study available information.

Stop on good nursery with the checked reputation. If there is an opportunity, look at several dung at different manufacturers.

Get acquainted with puppy parents, estimate their character and working qualities. Study family trees.

it is better for
of the Puppy of the Belgian sheep-dog of a malinu to take at the age of 50 — 60 days and at once to start training and socialization is a pledge of the happy joint future.

Some nurseries of the Belgian sheep-dogs of a malinu test behavior of kids. Similar tests help to predict working qualities and character of a dog. If tests were carried out, it is useful to study their results.

the Healthy puppy of the Belgian sheep-dog of a malinu has to be well-fed (but without the inflated tummy), active, mobile. He is curious and is not coward. Eyes, ears, a nose clean, without allocations.
 Puppy of the Belgian sheep-dog of a malinu
Puppy of the Belgian sheep-dog of a malinu
Together with the kid have to give you a puppyish card which exchanges on a family tree later and also the pet passport where all done vaccination and other veterinary procedures are specified.

Ask the manufacturer that is eaten by puppies how often it is necessary to feed the pet what vetprotsedura still are coming. The good seller will tell about features of behavior of the attracted kid and also will consult concerning education, training and leaving.

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