• Dec 11, 2019
Before choosing a puppy of the Bern sennenhund, study information on breed, communicate to manufacturers and owners to understand whether really it is your breed and whether there will be enough at you forces, knowledge and resources for a dog. If experience consultations of the expert, most likely, are required from you a little.
 the Bern sennenhund of a photo

On a photo: puppies of the Bern sennenhund

Following dilemma: whom to choose – a dog or to a bough? The dog of the Bern sennenhund is larger, more powerful, looks more impressive, but it is always ready for feats and can go to a single travel if guesses nearby the attractive lady, and you will not manage to hold it. Boughs softer and appeasable, but will protect at the same time your property not worse. However 2 times a year at boughs of the Bern sennenhund happen a techka, and during this period from you the vigilance will be required not to allow undesirable pregnancy.
Choosing a puppy of the Bern sennenhund, it is important to pay attention to a color. It is a lot of or few white marks are equally undesirable, it is the best of all – something average. The lack of "footsies" on paws is allowed, but too much white is inadmissible. A white tip of a fluffy tail – on the fan, at an exhibition it will not affect assessment. There can be a white speck on a nape (small). It is important that red burn marks separated black color from white.
Blue eyes and the wrong bite are defects.
the Thoroughbred puppy of the Bern sennenhund bony, with thick pads and a wide back.
Grey subguns, a curly or short and smooth hair at puppyish age are admissible – most often these shortcomings disappear with age.
Surely look at
how puppies behave. It is better to refuse a trusovaty or shy puppy. Good puppy of the Bern sennenhund courageous and contact.
Ask the manufacturer any questions, even those which seem "inconvenient". The good manufacturer willingly will answer them. If you receive vague and unclear answers, it is better to look for other nursery.
 Bern sennenhunds: the adult and a puppy of a photo On a photo: adult Bern sennenhund and puppy

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