• Jan 24, 2020

First of all, weigh all pros and cons. Whether sensibly you estimated the resources which are available for you? Whether everything family members divide your enthusiasm? Whether there will be enough at you "fuse" many years, in any weather, several times a day to walk a dog? With whom do the pet will remain if you are sent on leave or on a business trip?

If you are firmly convinced that you without dog will not live, and dream of the Bordeaux mastiff, be defined whether the champion of exhibitions, a breeding dog or the devoted partner is necessary to you. The puppy class depends on it. And, certainly, cost. However do not forget that contents even of the most "budget" puppy will run absolutely into money – it is a huge dog.

Attend several exhibitions, communicate to owners of the Bordeaux mastiffs, choose good nursery with the checked reputation. Otherwise you risk to get the pet with rickets, violations of a system of digestion, bad teeth or unstable mentality.

you do not hurry with the choice of a puppy of the Bordeaux mastiff. If there is an opportunity, look at several dung. So you "will fill an eye" and will be able to estimate behavior and health of a puppy more or less sensibly.

As a rule, little Bordeaux mastiffs move to the new house at the age of 2 months. To take a puppy is younger it is not recommended. The decision to take more adult pet (4 – 6 months) can be quite sensible.

Get acquainted with parents of the kid, study their family trees. It will give you the chance to present how your dog will look. Ask to show the breeding certificate, diplomas of exhibitions with estimates, the inspection certificate of puppies.

Estimate class=" what conditions contain puppies of the Bordeaux mastiff.

Observe how kids move. They have to have a good coordination of movements. They should not pull back legs or stumble.

At a healthy puppy of the Bordeaux mastiff a dense brilliant hair, it well-fed, but without the inflated tummy, with good appetite. Skin without rash or irritation. Ears, eyes, a nose – clean, without allocations. In a groin there has to be a brand. In 2 months the representative of breed weighs 8 – 9 kg.

the Little Bordeaux mastiff – friendly, sociable, not timid. It is better not to take too shy or aggressive puppy.

If the manufacturer found time for socialization of kids, acquainted them with people, dogs, sounds, smells and allowed to go out of the delivery room, it will be easier for your pet to adapt to new conditions.

Be defined whether you want to take a bough or a dog. "Ladies", as a rule, quieter and appeasable. The dog will show almost for certain dominance.

the Good manufacturer will surely ask you on your way of life, on conditions in which there will live a dog, about your expectations from future pet. And itself will tell about habits and features of the puppy who is fallen in love to you, will make a set of recommendations concerning feeding, leaving, education of a canine friend.

Specify what vaccination is already done whether drove worms what veterinary procedures still are coming. Marks in the pet passport have to be made. Also have to give you a puppyish card and the contract of purchase and sale

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