• Dec 5, 2019
Before going to choose a puppy of the English bulldog, once again weigh all pros and cons. Whether features of bulldogs are familiar to you (for example, they snore, and the loudness only increases over time)? Do you need a dog "as a hobby" or you intend to grow up the champion?
Set to yourself important questions and receive on them sincere answers.
At the choice of a puppy the English bulldog should be guided by the same principles, as when choosing any other dog. However there are nuances inherent in English bulldogs.
the English bulldog has the pluses and minuses.
of Advantage:
  1. Well feels even in the small apartment.
  2. will not take a lot of place, compact.
  3. Phlegmatic and quiet.
  4. does not demand active long walks.
  5. Selflessly devoted.
  6. Perfectly gets on with children and other pets.
  1. Quite poor health.
  2. can Easily "earn" heatstroke, so, it is exacting to a microclimate indoors.
  3. Needs a special diet.
  4. Periodically tries to apply for a role of the leader.
  5. Claws, a muzzle, area under a tail demand special leaving.
  6. Quite noisy: groans, snores.
  7. Quite often starts up gases.
All this
needs to be considered that the choice was conscious.
the Best age for the choice of a puppy — not earlier than 8 weeks. At this age they already look as the reduced copy of adult relatives.
 English bulldog adult and puppy of a photo
On a photo: English bulldog adult and puppy
the Best puppy of the English bulldog is the one who differs from the brothers and sisters: it seems more graceful, elegant and stylish. These qualities will remain at it and after growing.
If you plan to expose to
a dog on a ring or to participate in cultivation, before the choice of a puppy study the standard. But consider that all this can change over time. Nobody will give guarantees that the puppy who attracted to you will be the reference representative of breed.
 Puppies of the English bulldog of a photo
On a photo: puppies of the English bulldog
Estimate the head size — it has to be large in relation to a body, but not break the general symmetry. Ears are put as it is possible more widely as it is possible above and as it is possible further from eyes.
the Front part short, a muzzle wide with a flat forehead, a nose bridge short, nostrils large, wide and open. Even at a puppy of the English bulldog of a jaw have to be wide, massive and square, and the lower jaw forward top, is inflexed and, the main thing, is covered with an upper lip.
of the Extremity have to be well developed, to look strong and strong, the case square with the croup raised up. The tail is low put, the basis has enough straight line, and then bent down.
However is the disqualifying defects which will forever close to you the road on an exhibition ring or in cultivation:
1. Aggression or excessive shyness.
2. Disorders of breath.
3. The grown tail.
If is an opportunity, do not give in to the first rush. Having chosen a puppy, it is the best of all to take a break and to return to the manufacturer later. When you are sure that the English bulldog is your breed, and you do not think of further life without this kid.

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