• Jan 15, 2020
Choosing a puppy of the French bulldog, first of all, you have to be defined whether you will have enough time for occupations and communication with a dog as the French bulldog hard transfers loneliness, and feeling of not demand, uselessness to owners can negatively affect mentality of the pet.
 the Puppy of the French bulldog On a photo: A puppy ф of a rantsuzsky bulldog, the owner Elena Silich
Discuss alleged purchase with members of household, all have to share your desire to get a dog.
Remember that you assume overall responsibility for health and life of the living being. And it is possible to think of the choice of a puppy only when you know well that are capable (and are ready) to provide all necessary conditions.
If you for the first time buy a thoroughbred dog, it is the best of all to ask for the help the expert. He will help to estimate a family tree of parents and to choose from a dung of the most promising kid.
Ask to show you parents of future pet. Receive the written certificate in which vaccination done to an animal is listed and the fact of performing treatment for worms is specified. Ask questions of health to blue in the face - it is that case when tediousness more than appropriate.
to Future owner of the French bulldog, earlier never holding representatives of breed, is usually recommended to stop the choice on a bough. They are, as a rule, more appeasable, have bigger working capacity, become attached to owners quicker and apply for reaching a dominant position in family less. But also the fact that at a bough twice a year there is a techka is important. Anyway, not a floor, and education influences behavior dogs more.
Experts usually advise
to buy puppies in clubs of dog breeding, it gives an any guarantee that you will become the owner of a thoroughbred and healthy dog.
do not feel sorry for time for visit of nursery and receiving detailed consultation of the manufacturer. The optimum choice of a puppy depends on availability of information.
Examining nursery, pay attention to a situation. Whether purity and an order are maintained there? Whether there are devices for games?
Ask on heredity of puppies, on parents, on character and behavior of each candidate for a role of the new member of household.
is better to visit several manufacturers. Attentively watch puppies.
Optimum age – is not less than 6 - 8 weeks. Puppies of 8 weeks from a sort differ in already more or less independent nature, independence of behavior, are not so attached to mother, as in the first weeks of life.
If an issue of acquisition of a puppy is resolved when to it 10 – 12 weeks are executed, you can be sure that the young dog already has enough social experience – if, of course, the manufacturer took care of it. Adaptation of such puppy on the new place will take place more exactly and quietly.
needs to pay special attention also to health of the acquired puppy. The kid has to have brilliant wool, a strong body, clean ears, strong paws, pink gums, clean shining eyes, a clean and warm tummy, well developed white teeth.
Certain traits of character are shown early enough therefore, watching kids, you can draw some conclusions. You will be able to understand what of kids has appeasable, quiet character and who seeks to reach a leading position, etc.
Some want to get an adult dog who is less exacting concerning education and leaving. However you should not take such pet only out of pity. Perhaps, it already has a negative experience of communication with the person that will surely affect relationship between you. It is necessary to approach this question soberly and consciously. Learn as much as possible about an animal. Find out why the dog is given whether there are no problems with health as she is trained and reacts to people, than eats what vaccination is done, how tolerantly treats other animals to what schedule got used.

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