• Dec 20, 2019
 puppies, дратхар three puppies
On a photo: puppies of a dratkhaar

Before going to choose a puppy of the German dratkhaar, once again weigh all pros and cons.

Set to yourself important questions and receive sincere answers.

The choice of a puppy of the German dratkhaar is in many respects similar to the principles of the choice of a puppy of any other breed .

However is the features characteristic of the German wire-haired pointer.
If is necessary to you future hunter, it is the best of all to address to specialized nursery. Anyway, the manufacturer should be chosen carefully.

If you choose a puppy of the German dratkhaar for exhibitions and cultivation, draw close attention to an exterior of a puppy and parents. The following defects will close the road on a ring:

  1. Aggression, cowardice.
  2. Nedokus or having a snack, jaw distortion.
  3. Different color of eyes.
  4. the Congenital beskhvostost or a kutsekhvostost, a tail with a break.
  5. Defects of pigmentation.

Be defined whether you want to get to a bough or a dog. Everyone has both pluses, and minuses.

The dog "will not bring in a hem" unwanted puppies, it does not have techka. Representatives of "stronger sex" conform to a large extent to the standard as it is written from dogs. In addition, they all the year round can take part in hunting.

But if you have a desire to get puppies, you will be deprived of such opportunity (if, of course, owners of "ladies" do not queue for genes of your "boy"). Dogs are more independent, they run in search of adventures more often. There is an opinion, as they are trained worse, but here everything is relative.

If you choose to a bough, then can plan acquisition by posterity (if, of course, your dog is healthy), "girl" studies easier. Boughs, as a rule, more devoted and tender less risk that she will decide to join "free" relatives and to abandon you.

However at a bough there are regularly techka – and all dogs will gather in the district at your threshold, and on walk it is necessary to show vigilance. At all it is necessary to forget about hunting for this period.

the puppy color Conforms to the standard? Various variations skewbald-brown, coffee-brown, black with streaks of gray, silvery and gray-haired, all variations of a color without spots or with spots are admissible.

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