• Dec 24, 2019

 West Siberian laika of a photo
On a photo: puppy of the West Siberian laika

Before going to choose a puppy of the West Siberian laika, think, how weighed and responsible this decision is.
Set to yourself important questions and receive on them sincere answers.
the Choice of a puppy of the West Siberian laika is in many respects similar to the choice of a puppy any other breed.
However is the features characteristic of the West Siberian layek.
Is, first of all, a working dog. But if you plan to be engaged in hunting, nevertheless it is better to specify whether parents of the kid who attracted to you are hunters.
the West Siberian likes were removed by natural selection and intervention of the person was not such considerable to cause damage to breed so in the choice of a puppy it is quite difficult to make a mistake. But the good nursery guarantees that you receive a thoroughbred dog, but not a hybrid and that the puppy is healthy.
Be defined by
whether you want to get to a bough or a dog. Everyone has both pluses, and minuses.
the Dog "will not bring to
in a hem" unwanted puppies, it does not have techka. Representatives of "stronger sex" conform to a large extent to the standard as it is written from dogs.
But if you have a desire to get puppies, you will be deprived of such opportunity (if, of course, owners of "ladies" do not queue for genes of your "boy"). Dogs are more independent, they run in search of adventures more often. There is an opinion, as they are trained worse, but here everything is relative.
If you choose
to a bough, then can plan acquisition by posterity (if, of course, your dog is healthy), "girl" studies easier. Boughs, as a rule, more devoted and tender less risk that she will decide to join "free" relatives and to abandon you.
However you risk
, without having looked through, to obtain a brood of unwanted puppies and a headache on their pristroystvo. At a bough there are regularly techka — and for this period it is necessary to forget about hunting.

Choosing a puppy of the West Siberian laika for exhibitions or cultivation, draw close attention to an exterior both the kid, and his parents. Consider that some shortcomings of an exterior will forever close the road on a ring:

  1. Aggression or cowardice.
  2. Wrong bite.
  3. Distortion of jaws.
  4. Colour of eyes with impregnations of other color.
  5. Trailing or semi-standing ears.
  6. the Tail in the form of the sultan, a rod or an acinaciform tail scanty.
  7. Korotkosherstnost or dlinnosherstnost.
  8. Colour genetic brown genetic blue tiger or albinism.

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