• Dec 11, 2019

Before choosing the boxer's puppy, soberly estimate the forces and opportunities. Whether you will be able to arrange the life under needs of a dog, and not for month or year? Whether members of household support you in this undertaking? With whom do the dog will remain if you have to go to a business trip or a holiday? There is a lot of questions. Only if you have answers to each of them, it is possible to go for future pet.

 the Puppy of the boxer of a photo On a photo: the boxer's puppy

what to pay attention when choosing a puppy of the boxer to?

First of all, get acquainted with parents and their family trees. The heredity defines a lot of things. Specify whether there are no genetic diseases. Remarkably, if there is an opportunity to see puppies from the previous dung and to communicate to their owners. Ask what life expectancy of farther ancestors. How did they look and felt in old age?

You go to exhibitions, communicate with manufacturers, study information. Time for it will not be spent in vain. It is better to visit several nurseries before making the final choice.

The boxer's puppy at the time of purchase has to be not less than 60 days old.

the Healthy puppy of the boxer – rather strong, frame good, but not too rough. The skin on a neck, centuries and the head should not droop, be flabby or folded.

The puppy should not be long or stocky. The back is wide, equal. The tail is put highly, but not lifted up on a back. The thorax is not too wide, but deep (is slightly lower than elbows). The tummy even at the little boxer is picked up.

A croup – rather long and wide, it defines the structure of back extremities. Hips are wide, legs strong, parallel. Too long hind legs can "generate" weak sheaves, the back at such kid will seem slightly humpbacked. The puppy with a normal length of legs moves easily, a wide step.

The kid with good proportions easily and surely operates the body, does not reel at the movement.

The head should not seem very small or large. The muzzle is wide, rectangular. Lower jaw massive, wide and short. The chin is wide, massive, it is in front rounded off.

The correct bite for the boxer – having a snack.

Lips dense to the touch, at the same time – dry. The lower lip should not droop. The upper lip lies on lower, the chin is well visible. Sometimes at kids the upper lip blocks a chin a little – as a rule, with age it leaves.

The skull is graceful, not too wide, not spherical. More likely, it angular, consists kind of of the planes.

Ears are put highly, adjoin to cheekbones (are a little developed forward).

The eyes, the better are more dark. At kids they can cast gray – it is normal. But the yellow shade is undesirable. The eye shape is close to roundish. The look has to be live, but not sharp and not menacing.

The mask is dark, contrast, does not go beyond a muzzle.

White marks a shortcoming are not.

Take an interest whether parents participated in training competitions, how successfully.

If you doubt that you will be able to make a right choice, consult with the expert.

 the Puppy of the boxer of a photo

On a photo: boxer's puppy

One more moment which should be considered: knocking over of tails and ears. Stopped to boxers both ears, and tails earlier. Now zoodefenders strove for cancellation of knocking over of ears in many countries. In England, besides, it is forbidden to stop tails. At us meet as boxers the stopped ears, and not stopped. At exhibitions at them still equal rights. With not stopped tails we yet practically have no boxers.

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