• Feb 22, 2019

Many puppies and adult dogs spoil boots and home decoration.

The Checked Ways to Disaccustom a Dog to Gnaw Footwear

It very much upsets their owners who, having come home, see damage caused to a situation.

Force or shouts not to solve this problem. There are 5 checked ways to disaccustom a dog to gnaw footwear. Having used them, it is possible to keep integrity of the things.

Main reasons

The pet can spoil things for several reasons.

Most often the negative behavior is provoked by the following factors:

5 methods of correction of behavior of a dog

  • teeth are cut;
  • the animal needs attention from the owner;
  • it is terrible to pet to stay at home to one;
  • errors in education;
  • lack of suitable toys;
  • presence of a parasitic infection at which the pet can have strange flavoring addictions;
  • in the house lives several animals organizing noisy games;
  • excess of energy which could not be put.

it is worth being engaged in Education of a pet as soon as possible until damage of things became a habit.

Methods of correction of behavior

it is possible to Cope with a problem in several ways:

How to Disaccustom a Dog to Gnaw Footwear

  1. Special sprays. It is possible to process the objects attracting an animal special aerosol or broth of a wormwood. It is possible to apply essential oil of a citrus on wires.
  2. Training. The dog has to hear the forbidding teams every time when does something inadmissible. It is necessary by a strict voice It "is impossible" to tell and to bring the spoiled thing to a nose of an animal.
  3. Derivation of attention . The pet has to have several toys including such which can be gnawed. It is not necessary to give to a dog old footwear as it can easily switch to other objects of clothes. It is better to get special products in pet-shop.
  4. Cleaning in the apartment. Not to provoke an animal, it is not necessary to scatter on a thing floor which it can spoil. Footwear should be put in a case. It is especially important when in the house there is a puppy yet not familiar with rules of conduct.
  5. Physical activity . The puppy can begin to gnaw things with boredom. It is important to give vent to excess energy by participation in active games and commission of long walks. To three-months age the animal has to walk 20 minutes 2−3 times a day. The adult pet needs to run in the fresh air not less than two hours a day.

If physiological needs of an animal are satisfied, it will be easier for it to get rid of bad habit.

to Disaccustom it is possible to spoil footwear any dog .

Is important to stock up with patience and persistence only.

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