• Jun 29, 2020

Practically all puppies bite when they play with owners. And puppyish stings are quite painful? How to disaccustom a puppy to bite in a game? And whether it is necessary to do it?

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Very long time in cynology, especially domestic, existed opinion that we not have to play with our dog by means of hands because it allegedly trains dog to bite. The recent global trends are that that now behaviourists (experts on behavior) and trainers just the opposite place emphasis that it is necessary to play with our puppy by means of hands, it is necessary that the puppy studied to bite our hands.

As so, do you ask? Sounds very silly!

But there is one important moment.

Why a puppy bites in a game?

And for what to us it is necessary that the puppy continued to play with hands?

The matter is that, when the puppy appears in our house, he tries to play with us the same as it played with odnopometnik. How the puppy can play? He can play with the help forepaws and by means of teeth. And usually among themselves puppies play with the help having bitten, a game of tag, fight.

Pokusa at puppies rather strong, but at dogs just not such pain threshold, as at people. And what other puppy perceives as a game, we, people, with our skin and with ours pain threshold, we perceive as pain. But the puppy does not know! That there is he bites us not to hurt us, it thus plays.

If we stop to play, we will forbid the pet to play with our hands, the kid as a result does not receive feedback. He does not understand with what force he can squeeze the jaws for to play with us and to designate a sting, but at the same time not to bite, not to tear skin not to give wounds.

There is an opinion, that if the puppy does not have this experience, there is no understanding that the person is another look and that the person can be bitten but to do it it is necessary differently, with another by force of compression of jaws, ourselves form the probability that if ours something will not be pleasant to a dog, most likely, she will bite very painfully. And we let's say that the dog has an aggression problem, and it is necessary for us will solve this problem.

If we with we play shchenyachestvo with our puppy by means of hands and we learn to do it accurately, it there is no risk.

How to teach to play a puppy with hands accurately?

If the puppy plays accurately, that is, even when bites, we feel a scratching, but it not very painfully, the puppy does not pierce to us skin, such games we buy, we we continue to play. If the puppy took us too strongly, we mark it, for example, we begin to say a marker "Painfully" and we stop a game.

If we have a puppy on the word "Painfully" stops biting us, listens to us and continues to play more softly, we continue a game. We say: "The good fellow, it is good" and we continue to play with the help of hands. If on command "Painfully" he ignores us and tries to gnaw further, we stop a game, we do a timeout, we move away a puppy in next the room, we close a door literally for 5 – 7 seconds. That is we deprive of a puppy that pleasant that it had in his life until as it us bit too painfully.

Of course, for 1 – 2 repetitions a puppy will not study this science, but if we regularly play in games with hands, and the puppy will understand that after he takes too painfully our hands, a game stops, he will study how himself to control and control force of compression of jaws. Further we it is simple let's receive a dog who, if to her something is uncomfortable, terrible, she it shows what quietly takes our hand in teeth, signaling that in this the moment to it it was uncomfortable. For us it is a tick of the fact that this we should work a situation that our dog was not afraid, let us assume, of veterinary manipulations, but, at least, we do not risk that the dog bit us.

Moreover, if the dog will show further problem behavior, such as fears, or noise phobias, or zooaggression, often methods of correction include games with toy, with food and it is obligatory with hands, special games with the owner. For example, our dog has noise phobias, fireworks shoot, and so it happened that here now we left without food and without toy. We need to form social motivation of our puppy that he was able to play with our hands. And in such case if we came to be in a difficult situation, but at us is not present suddenly with itself neither food, nor toy to support the correct behavior of ours the pet, we him can support by means of games with hands, and our puppy already it knows. And hands – they at us always at.

It is more how to bring up and train a puppy by humane methods, you can learn on our videocourse "Obedient Puppy without Efforts".

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