• Feb 19, 2019

It is no secret that not all pets are clean. The fact that their pet systematically uses apartment corners as a toilet can upset owners of dogs. To teach a young animal to good behavior, special approach is necessary. There are 7 ways to disaccustom a puppy to celebrate need in the apartment.

How to Disaccustom a Puppy to Celebrate Need in the Apartment

of the Reason of an error in behavior

The pet can begin to urinate in the house at once or after a while. It can occur for the following reasons:

Training of a dog

  1. Owners do not find for training of the favourite enough time, allow it any prank.
  2. Walks are made too seldom, the dog does not maintain.
  3. The animal took offense at the owner for his long absence or unfair punishment.
  4. At a bough aged about one year not formation of a hormonal system can be observed. It is the hereditary pathology disappearing after the first pregnancy. It is possible to learn about existence of deviations at manufacturers.
  5. Dogs of decorative breeds who were walked in a frost can get a serious disease and begin to suffer from urine incontinence.

training Methods

If after inspection of violations it was not revealed, it is necessary to begin to accustom the pet to go to a toilet only in the put place. for this purpose it is necessary to follow such rules:

Walk with a Dog

Feed a Dog

  1. Daily to arrange with to a dog long walks . It is desirable to wait for that moment when the puppy makes all the affairs.
  2. To provide to the pet sufficient physical activity. Active games promote depletion of intestines.
  3. To take with itself water. Having got drunk, the puppy descends in a toilet on the street.
  4. not to interfere with communication with other puppies . Animals are capable to repeat one after another therefore the contact with well-mannered individuals will do good.
  5. To adhere to the mode. Walks and feedings it is desirable to carry out at the same time.
  6. To process places in the house where the dog, the frightening-off sprays which can be bought in pet-shop spoils.
  7. to Accustom an animal to go to a toilet on command . When the pet celebrates need on the street, it is possible to say the corresponding phrase. Then next time the walked dog will understand what should be done.
it is important to

to remember that at puppies more young than 4 months urination happens reflex. Therefore it does not make sense to train absolutely little animals.

Accustom a Puppy to a Tray

Having found time for education of a puppy, the owner will be able to protect himself from problems in the future.

the Growing-up pets well perceive new knowledge, the main thing — to show persistence.

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