• Aug 22, 2019
If you train in

a dog by method of a positive reinforcement, then often encourage the pet. And one of the most effective encouragement, at least, at the initial stage — of course, delicacy. And here many owners face a problem.

It is necessary to encourage a dog often, so, she eats a large number of varied food on occupations. And plus receives "ration" from a house bowl. As a result we risk to receive instead of a dog a sphere on legs. Therefore, the day portion of food of a dog needs to be divided.

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How to divide a day portion of food if you feed a dog on occupations?

First of all, it is necessary to measure a day portion of a dog. Further everything depends on when you are engaged with the pet.

For example if classes are in the morning, it is possible not to feed a dog with a breakfast, and to give it on occupation, having left a dinner without changes. If classes are in the evening, encouragement can be given instead of a dinner. Or to give 30 — 50% of a breakfast from a bowl, then to feed a dog on occupations (for example, in the afternoon), and to give the rest of a day diet for dinner. There is a lot of options.

Anyway, food which you give to a dog as encouragement on occupations has to be a part of a day diet, but not addition to it. So what do you do not risk to overfeed a dog. The reforage is not only decrease in motivation to occupations, but also potential problems with health. It is better not to risk.

As a rule, at the initial stage I advise to divide a diet of a dog as follows:

  • the dog receives At least 30% of food from a bowl in habitual time.
  • the dog receives At most 70% of food as encouragement on occupations.

Subsequently when you encourage a dog by means of delicacy more and more seldom, this ratio changes in favor of increase in quantity of food which the dog eats from a bowl.

But such division — "the average temperature on hospital", and everything depends, of course, on a specific dog and her owner.

For example, sometimes advise owners to feed a dog only for work — on occupations or on the street.

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It is possible to feed a dog only on occupations or on walks?

In principle, it is possible to feed a dog only on occupations or on walks. But only in case important conditions are met:

  • Food which the dog receives on occupations or on walks suits a dog.
  • the Dog eats during the day the normal portion (not less).

However, in this approach there are reefs. And one of them — wellbeing dogs in general.

One of aspects of wellbeing of a dog is an optimum ratio of predictability and variety of the environment. Because there are too much predictabilities and not enough variety — the boredom reason (so, behavior problems) a dog. It is not enough predictabilities and too much variety — the reason of a distress (a "bad" stress), and, besides, behavior problems.

How it is influenced by feeding, you ask? In the most direct way.

The matter is that feeding in certain time in a certain place — one of the predictability elements in life of a dog. Feeding on occupations and walk — a variety element, the dog does not know when she is given delicacy (especially if you already passed to to a variable reinforcement ).

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Therefore if life of a dog in general is ordered and subordinated to the accurate mode, it has very few new impressions, and one of the brightest — occupation, it is possible to feed a dog only on occupations and walks to add a variety to her life. But if the dog lives in very enriched environment, constantly visits new places and meets new people and animals, it has a big physical and intellectual activity, with it will not interfere a little "excess" predictability at all — that is feedings according to the schedule from a favourite bowl in the same place.

Should be guided also by specific features of a dog. For example, if I begin to feed the эрделя only on occupations and walks, then instead of increase in motivation at work (which for it already ultrahigh — he adores working, and it is unimportant that offer it as an award), I will receive the reading off scale excitement level, so, behavior problems.

It turns out, what will do good to one dog, will be harmful to another.

Certainly, to make the final decision to the owner. And it is good to estimate at the same time wellbeing of a dog in general and how feeding only on occupations and walks will affect her.

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