• Dec 11, 2019
How to feed a beagle — a question which arises before the owner from the first day.
the Main rule for a beagle – not to overfeed. Dogs are inclined to obesity. So do not give in on persistent requests to share sandwich. Though to resist not easy: the beagle has excellent actor's abilities and very convincingly represents a being on a faint due to starvation threshold. But before the hand will tremble and sandwich will go towards a dog mouth, remember that obesity is fraught with a metabolic disorder, and your pet from the cheerful, active athlete will turn into the odyshlivy, lazy sluggard.
It is very important to img src=" /upload/temp-content/uploads/posts/2017-10/1506942598_feeding.jpg to feed with a beagle correctly — in this case he will look good and feel greatly.
Feeding has to be regular, always at the same time, portions – identical on volume.

Clear water has to be in continuous access.

of the Bowl for food and water are different bowls. It is better if they from stainless steel. It is possible to get a support that ware was at the level of a shoulder of a dog.

Feed beagles after walks and training.

Think over
, than you will feed the pet, even before his emergence at your place. Ask the manufacturer, than kids ate. At first it is necessary to adhere to the same scheme. To other type of food the dog is transferred gradually.

with What to feed a beagle: puppy and adult dog?

If you choose by
dry feeds , stop on a product a premium and a superpremium class. Economy aft will pour out in expenses on the veterinarian that is much less pleasant. Attentively read the instruction on packing.

About one year can give to a beagle the mineral fertilizing containing calcium. However previously consult with the veterinarian.

If you the supporter of natural forages , consider a number of nuances.

  • Meat – surely low-fat, is better beef or veal. Pork does not approach.
  • After 4 months it is possible to give an offal, but is not more often than 1 time a week.
  • Fermented milk products: kefir, fermented baked milk, cottage cheese.
  • choose buckwheat, rice or porridge From porridges.
  • Salt and sugar are forbidden.
  • From 2 months it is possible to give boiled eggs (no more than 2 pieces a week).
  • Boiled sea fish without bones can be given to a puppy 3 months are more senior. It is possible to replace with her meat twice a week.
  • Vegetables up to 3 months are boiled, added to porridges. After 3 months they can be given crude, grated. It is possible to add greens and sunflower oil.
  • Fruit, low-fat cheese or croutons can become delicacy.
  • it is better not to mix the Dry feed and a naturalka.

How to feed a beagle: how many once a day and in what quantities?

Age of a beagle

the Number of feedings in day

Up to 2 months

of 6 times

2 – 3 months

of 5 times

of 4 - 6 months

4 times

of 6 - 12 months

3 times

After 1 year

2 times

the Adult beagle eats with
practically the same, as a puppy. But when choosing dry feeds instead of puppyish already buy adults.

When feeding by natural sterns amount of food is defined at the rate of 5% of the weight of a dog. That is it is necessary for a 10-kilogram beagle 500 гр food which you divide into 2 receptions.

can add vitamin and mineral fertilizing To a diet, however previously consult with the veterinarian.

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