• Jan 11, 2020

The question " how to feed a papilyon " very responsible and requires the solution still before the puppy appears in your house.

 Papilyona on a table of a photo On a photo: dogs of breed папильон

Features of feeding of a papilyon

If you choose natural feeding of a papilyon, protein has to make a considerable part of a diet, however feed a papilyon only with fish or meat is quite misleading. The excessive amount of protein can lead to development of an allergy or failure in work of a system of digestion.

Eyes of a papilyon – the important indicator of its state, including concerning food. If eyes began to water excessively, so the diet is not balanced or there are improper products. If it occurs when feeding a papilyon a dry feed – means, this forage does not suit your pet, it is worth trying something else.

with What to feed a papilyon?

If you choose "naturalka", ratios of products has to be the following:





Sea fish or low-fat meat



Kefir, cottage cheese, a boiled egg yolk, yogurt without additives



Cereals, fruit, vegetables

Consider that the diet depends on a condition of a dog, temperament and age. If you choose ready forages, once you are guided by information provided by the producer and to adhere to the instruction on packing.

How to feed a papilyon: puppy and adult dog

As for a puppy of a papilyon, its feeding differs from feeding of an adult dog.

Age of a papilyon

feeding Frequency


2 – 3 months

of 4 - 5 times a day, portions very small. Evening feeding – the most nourishing.

Low-fat veal, fat-free kefir or cottage cheese, rice or porridge, seasonal vegetables. Meat and fish are boiled.

of 4 - 6 months

3 times a day, the serving size slightly increases.

Can add fruit, a boiled egg yolk, crude meat.

of 6 - 12 months

Can transfer

to 2-hrazovy food, the portion still increases.

same products

12 months Are more senior than

2 times a day

the same products, but the standard daily rate decreases, caloric content decreases.

Do not overfeed a papilyon! Quite enough forage: 100 – 150 гр in day.

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