• Jan 9, 2020

Care of a tiny bull terrier is not too difficult, however has features which need to be considered.

On a photo: tiny bull terrier. Photo: demidreams.com

It is impossible to look after qualitatively a tiny bull terrier, without having provided him the correct walking. The tiny bull terrier has to walk at least 3 hours a day, and walks have to be active and include not only physical, but also intellectual loading.

Care of hair of a tiny bull terrier simple – is enough to wipe of it with a damp terry towel and to comb a rubber glove approximately once a week. It is better not to bathe a tiny bull terrier needlessly and to do it is not more often than several times a year.

Regularly check eyes and ears of a tiny bull terrier. They have to be clean, without allocations.

Claws of a tiny bull terrier as required cut off the special nail clipper.

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