• Dec 4, 2019
How to look after an American cocker spaniel , you ask? Oh, it is a difficult task!
 a cocker spaniel in a photo rack On a photo: American cocker spaniel
the American cocker spaniel needs careful care of wool. It needs to be combed daily a crest and a brush, and time in 10 — 14 days — to bathe. Considerably facilitates care of wool the quality cosmetics created especially for dogs.

When washing wool is soaped twice, both times shampoo are carefully washed away. Shampoo and the conditioner is selected individually for each spaniel. After a shampoo spolaskivaniye the conditioner conditioner is applied on wool. Then wool is accurately wrung out, the dog is rubbed off by a towel and dried up by the hair dryer. But previously all koltuna comb hair. Having dried up a dog, sprinkle wool antistatic.

Dry and dirty wool cannot be combed. If such need exists, use the means facilitating combing.

Trimming difficult therefore it is better if it is carried out by the skilled master: wool on the head and a muzzle has to be cut off by the electric machine, on a neck and shoulders – is accurately cut to strictly certain length, and standing, ears and a stomach — is left long. The lower part of paws is also trimmed. Certainly, if you want to cope with all this independently, it is necessary to take several lessons from the expert at first. It is desirable to carry out a hairstyle at least 1 time in 2 — 3 months.

Can cut wool of an internal surface of paws independently. Then it will be soiled and fall down less, the risk of developing of a fungal disease will decrease.

is Kind of good you looked after a dog, in her wool from time to time koltuna all the same will appear. Especially often they are formed in a groin, under mice and in skakatelny joints. If you right after bathing process these places cosmetic oil, wool will become more elastic, skin – soft, and the frequency of emergence of koltun will significantly go down.

to the American cocker spaniel needs careful care of ears. The main problem of many long-haired dogs, especially in warm season — ear pincers. For this reason it is necessary to examine the pet's ears regularly attentively. The main symptoms of infection with pincers — uneasy behavior and a constant pochesyvaniye of ears.

In addition, in ears of an American cocker spaniel constantly accumulates dirt and ear sulfur therefore they need to be cleaned regularly.

If in ears of a dog appeared dark allocations with an unpleasant smell, the animal often shakes the head and rubs paws ears, it is necessary to address the veterinarian as it can be symptom of any disease as soon as possible.

Sulfuric traffic jams and lack of necessary care of ears can become any reason of diseases. Inflammation of an auricle can lead to full deafness.

Should remember that the cocker spaniel is brought for hunting and though he is quite happy with a pet role, it will be best of all for it in those families which will provide at least two big walks a day and a garden where it is possible to gambol.

during walks needs to be observed, your pet as his wool is capable to collect all burdock in the district runs where exactly. And the subsequent extraction of prickles, believe, will not become your hobby.

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