• Feb 8, 2021

Many dogs literally involve in themselves food as vacuum cleaners. And a breakfast with a dinner disappear пёселя literally inside for couple of seconds. But it can be including is hazardous to health of the pet. How to make that the dog ate more slowly?

4 dogs before bowls lick lips a photo
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4 ways to make so that the dog ate more slowly

  1. To give out all food from hands. This way is good the fact that you precisely distribute time absorption of food. However there is also essential minus: it takes away from you it is a lot of time. And not all owners are ready for the similar victims.
  2. To scatter forage on big space. For example, on all room. This option can to suit those who feed a dog with a dry feed. However it is clear that meat so not you will scatter.
  3. To use toys from which the dog is forced to get a forage. For example, from Congo a dog licks previously frozen food. And from snuff rugs and them various analogs chooses dry korminka.
  4. To use slow feeding troughs, including bowls with various partitions. It is possible and in a case with a dry feed, and at natural feeding of a dog.

And what else ways to make so that the dog ate more slowly, you know? Share the finds in comments!

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