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the Problem of most of children and teenagers is in how to persuade parents to make something or to get something. For example, to convince parents that those permitted to go with friends somewhere, to buy a treasured bagatelle or to get pets, most often – a cat or a dog. And quite often occurs so that the father and mother refuse to take a puppy home. The child is upset, but from time to time after all tries to overpersuade them.

How to Persuade the Parents to Buy a Puppy
to the Child in the circumstances should put a lot of effort to convince parents and to elicit at them a puppy.

Essence of a problem

As psychologists assure, such behavior of the child is caused it by aspiration to care for someone or the shortage of attention from parents. To often get a pet try to ask for parents from those families where there is only one kid. If it is several of them, then they communicate among themselves and by that satisfy the need for attention.

Thus, before the parents having one child often there is a dilemma – to get a pet or to spend with the child more time. At the same time fathers and mothers should not hope that desire of the young family member to have the little friend will disappear over time. On the contrary, such requirement will only amplify.

How to persuade parents to buy a dog (video)

Demonstration of readiness to care for an animal

So how to persuade parents to get a dog, a cat or any other pet? Most often children apply for a dog. The child in the circumstances should put a lot of effort to convince parents and to elicit at them a puppy. And the first rule of an arrangement of the father with mother is in showing the readiness for appearance of the pet in the house. Convince members of household of the reliability. The child has to show that it is possible to rely on him. And it is recommended to make it as follows:

  1. to Undertake some obligations for the house . It is one of ways of how to persuade parents to get a dog. It is necessary to bring order to the apartment. And to begin it it is possible to do from the room. You should not forget also about other rooms in the house, for example, about kitchen and the parental bedroom. You should not throw out things of parents, independently making the decision in it. Similar amateur performance will not result in good. Later we convince the father with mother and other family members living in this house that appearance of the pet in family will not entail for them any additional duties as the child himself will care for it and to help with cleaning.
  2. to Make a dinner. Ate the child rather adult and is able to use the gas or electric stove, one more way of how to persuade mother to get a dog, preparation of a dinner and tea for her return home after the working day is. And later it is necessary to explain that if you get a dog, then you will be able and to prepare to eat something for a canine friend.
  3. Good progress at school. Very often parents like to motivate and encourage children for high progress in training. Of course, this way demands much more efforts. But, perhaps, this factor will force parents to revise the decision.
  4. The answer to a question of how to persuade the grandmother to get a dog, can be the following. needs to begin to take the care from houseplants , watering them and not allowing them to dry in the sun. It is possible to demonstrate abilities, caring about to an aquarian small fish or a hamster. For certain after that parents and the grandmother will agree on appearance of a canine friend in the house.

How to Persuade the Parents to Buy a Puppy

of the Cause of failure

Circumstances can develop so that children made a lot of efforts and persuaded the father with mother that those agreed to buy a puppy, but as a result the answer of parents was negative. You should not be capricious in such situation. It is better to show the maturity and to try to understand, than the refusal is motivated. And the reasons of it can consist in the following:

  • Small living space. Very often the small space of the apartment is a reason for refusal of the idea to get a dog. If desire of the child still did not get to anywhere, then it is possible to try to offer to buy as an alternative parents of a puppy of the small size. There are such breeds of dog which can quite be located also in a small box. Generally, ask the father and mother to buy a tiny doggie.
  • Allergic reaction is more serious reason to refuse the idea with the plant of a four-footed pet. But also in such situation alternative ways of solving the problem exist. If at someone from family members an allergy to hair of a dog, then it is possible to consider the possibility to gain short-haired or bald breed.

How to Persuade the Parents to Buy a Puppy

  • Lack of financial means. Keeping of canine friends of the house is not absolutely cheap pleasure. For a start it is necessary to pay purchase of an animal, and expenses on inoculations, receptions at the veterinarian, a forage, toys, etc. will go later. Therefore it is possible to suggest parents to undertake a part of charges of the pet. For this purpose it is required to begin to save up money, for example to postpone funds for pocket expenses. However the side job, for example, on carrying out of garbage at neighbors, at a visit to do shopping of shop will become the best option. Options to earn additionally (at least in the period of vacation, especially summer) — weight.
  • Many parents are sure that interest at their child in the pet will be gone after a while, and it will be still necessary to care for it. And therefore they fear the fact that they should take care of a puppy. If the child nevertheless finally made for himself the decision that he wants to get a dog, then it needs to show to parents the independence and readiness to remember an animal always.

That is necessary for appearance of a puppy in the house (video)

Acquisition of a pet is very responsible step both for parents, and for children.

The main thing in such situation – to talk to parents, giving reasonable arguments and also to prove the desire and readiness actions. And still … You should not disappoint the father and mother, having thrown and having forgotten about the pet after a while when, perhaps, the heat will die away and interest will be gone. As one of the famous writers, people in the answer for the one whom they tamed told.

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