• Aug 27, 2019
of the Competition in the IPO become more and more popular and attract more and more people. Before starting occupations and to choose the instructor, it is worth knowing that such IPO and as prepare dogs for delivery of the standard.
 IPO competitions

That such IPO?

of the IPO is a three-level system of tests of dogs which consists of sections:
  • Trace work (Section A).
  • Obedience (Section B).
  • Protective service (undressed C).
of Levels too 3:
  • IPO-1,
  • IPO-2,
  • IPO-3.
 IPO competitions

What is necessary to get on IPO competitions?

First, it is necessary to buy a dog who can be potentially capable it is trained in this standard.

In the first 18 months a dog prepares for delivery of the standard of BH (Begleithund) – the operated city dog, or a dog partner. All dogs irrespective of breed can hit this qualifying standard. In Belarus tests on BH are carried out, for example, within a cup "Cynologist Pro".

the standard of BH includes obedience on a lead and without lead and a social part where the behavior in the conditions of the city is checked (cars, bicycles, crowd, etc.).

the System of estimates in BH as well as in the IPO is under construction on exposure of qualitative and ball assessment. That is, that will be estimated, how exactly your dog carries out these or those skills: perfectly, very well, well, well, etc. Quality standard has the reflection in points: For example, "well" - it is 70% of assessment, and is "excellent" — not less than 95%. The skill of walking is estimated by a row at 10 points. If your dog goes perfectly, then the judge can put down you a mark in the range from top to the lower limit. That is from 10 points to 9.6. If the dog, according to the judge, goes well, will deliver you about 7 points.

the Dog has to be rather motivated and attentive to actions of the conductor. The main difference of the IPO from OKD and ZKS consists in it where the main thing – to achieve from a dog of submission, but not to interest her. In the IPO the dog has to show desire to work.

 IPO competitions
After delivery of the standard of BH is continued to prepare dogs for delivery of the standard of the IPO.

Remember that delivery of the standard for the IPO as well as delivery of any other standard, does not guarantee at all that your dog, for example, can be considered as protective. The matter is that the dog is born the defender or is not born him owing to genetic bents. A standard essence – to teach it it is correct to work: to do the correct captures, to execute commands of the conductor, even at the moments of high level of excitement. That the dog first of all was guided not by instincts, and was able to hear the conductor.

What methods are used when training dogs for delivery of the standard for the IPO?

Is natural, the positive reinforcement is used. But it, in my opinion, is not enough. That the dog understood that it is "good", she has to know that it is "bad". The positive has to be deficiency, and a negative to cause desire to avoid it. Therefore in the IPO, besides, in my opinion, training of a dog without negative reinforcement and correction is impossible. Including with use of means of radio-electronic training. But anyway, the choice of methods of training, and selection of the corresponding tools, depends individually on each specific dog, abilities and knowledge of the conductor and the trainer.

 IPO competitions

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