• Aug 27, 2019
First what teach a dog for participation in exhibitions to - it is an exhibition rack.

 Exhibition rack of a malinu
the Special rack with a certain position of back extremities is characteristic of each breed. This element is extremely important that judges could estimate correctly both harmony of a dog in general, and separate stat. Therefore training in an exhibition rack — a problem of paramount importance.
 Exhibition rack of a basenji

How to teach a dog to an exhibition rack?

If a puppy is accustomed to a collar and a lead, put it on a floor (or if it of the size of a cocker spaniel or is less — on a table), give the Work and Ring commands. Then give to the pet the necessary situation hands. Dogs of some breeds are admissible to be supported under the lower jaw and under a stomach for fixing of a rack. But there are breeds where the free rack is necessary.

 Exhibition rack of an airdale
If a puppy excitable, it it is possible to fix on a piece of delicacy or an interesting subject. You face a dog, order "Ring" and hold a subject at some distance from a puppy.
Is important that the puppy was motionless at least 30 seconds. But, certainly, you try to obtain it not at once. In the beginning the kid has to accept a desirable pose for couple of seconds, surely violently praise him and treat.

 Exhibition rack of a kurtskhaar
hold a dog for a collar In the beginning, but if a rack correct, the collar is released, at the same time without allowing a puppy to move a little.

you do not pronounce excess words, do not abuse a puppy if it needs more time, than you counted. Show persistence and patience.
Is important that the team came to the end with execution, but not "carelessly", and is "clean". The puppy has to understand what you want from him. And if you decide what so far "will descend", and there "will polish off", you will drag out process of training in an exhibition rack for a long time. Besides to retrain much more difficult, than at once it is correct to teach.

 the Exhibition rack on a table
of Occupation have to be regular, daily (2 — 3 times a day), but short.

For a puppy of 2 — 5 months is quite enough to remain in an exhibition rack for 3 — 5 seconds.

 rack of the Irish terrier
Begin with
training of a dog in an exhibition rack of the house, and then train in other rooms or on the street to teach a dog to work in the presence of irritants.
 Exhibition rack of a West Highland White Terrier

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