• Apr 6, 2020

the Place Team is important team in life of a dog. It is very convenient when the pet can go to the matrasik or to a cage and is quiet remain there at need. However many owners face difficulties when training to this team. How to teach a puppy to team "Place"? In it you will be helped by advice of the world famous trainer of dogs of Victoria Stilwell.

of the Photo: pikrepo.com

of 7 councils from Victoria Stilwell for training of a puppy in the Place team

  1. Put favourite delicacy of a puppy on it матрасик or in a cage . As soon as the puppy appears on the place, tell "Place" and praise the kid.
  2. You say the Place team and then in the face of a puppy throw delicacy in a cage or put on матрасик to induce a puppy to go there. As soon as he makes it, praise the pet.
  3. Quickly give one several pieces of delicacy until the puppy left a cage or left a matrasik that the kid understood: here it is favorable to remain! If the puppy left the place, tell nothing, but stop giving delicacy and to praise right there. Then increase periods between delivery of pieces.
  4. Begin to use encouragement so that the puppy did not know at what moment of stay on the place it will get delicacy: at the beginning or through some period.
  5. Buy the correct behavior. Even if you did not ask a puppy to go to the place, and he went to a cage or on a stove bench, surely tell "Place", praise it and treat.
  6. Never use a cage to punish a dog! Also do not send it into place to punishment for offense. "Den" of a dog is not prison, but the place where to her it has to be good where she feels safe, and it has to be associated with positive emotions.
  7. Never push a dog in a cage and do not hold on a stove bench by force. But do not forget to encourage when it is there: to iron, treat, give toys for chewing – depending on preferences of your favourite.

It is more how to bring up and train a puppy by humane methods, you can learn from our videocourse "Obedient Puppy without Efforts".

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