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The To Me team is the most important team in lives of any dog, guarantee of its safety and your tranquility. For this reason the To Me command has to be executed instantly and always. How to teach a puppy to the To Me team?

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12 rules of training of a puppy in the To Me team

One of the most famous trainers of Victoria Stilwell offers 12 rules of training of a puppy in the To Me team:

  1. Begin training of a puppy or adult dog while they get to your house . Do not wait until the puppy grows up. The earlier you begin training, the process is simpler and more effective.
  2. Use the most different ways of encouragement when the puppy runs up to you: praise, delicacy, toy, game. Every time when you say a name of a puppy and the To Me team, and he runs up to you, turn it into a cheerful and joyful event. Let the team "To Me!" will become a game, fascinating and valuable to a puppy . In this case the puppy will adore when you call him.
  3. at the beginning of training fall by puppy level . Do not hang over it — grabble, you squat or knees, incline the head to the earth.
  4. do not make a huge mistake which is made by many owners — are not boring or terrible for a puppy . The more you will motivate a dog, the more willingly she will run to you. Puppies adore following people, and only the wrong training can discourage it to do.
  5. When the puppy runs up to you, surely take him for a collar or a breast-band . Sometimes dogs learn to run up to the owner, but is insufficiently close that it was possible to reach them. It occurs when the owner calls up a puppy only to take it on a lead and messages home. Dogs clever and quickly study that it is in that case better not to approach the owner too close. Accustom a puppy to that he ran up closely to you, take him for a collar or a breast-band, award and release again. Then your dog will not know why you call her: to take on a lead or to award kingly.
  6. Call a puppy cheerfully and never abuse a dog if she ran up to you. Even if the dog hundred times ignored you, but on the hundred first approached, violently praise her. If your dog acquires that when she at last approaches, you are angry, you teach her to run away from you.
  7. Use the assistant . In turn call up a puppy so that he ran from one person to another, and everyone violently praises the kid for the fact that he came running on подзыв.
  8. Remember that puppies quickly are tired and lose interest so of occupation have to be short and come to an end while the kid is still ready and is eager to study.
  9. Use a signal (gesture or a word) which are well visible or heard to a dog. Make sure that the puppy can see or hear you at the time of a podzyv.
  10. Gradually increase complexity level . For example, begin with small distance and increase it gradually after were convinced that the dog perfectly executes the command "To Me!" at the previous level.
  11. When the complexity increases, also award value increases . The more irritants, the above there has to be a motivation of a dog. Use that your dog loves most of all to award her for obedience, especially in the presence of irritants.
  12. You say the team "To Me!" only once . If you repeat team because the puppy does not obey, you teach it to ignore you. At a grade level do not give the command if are not sure that the puppy is able to execute it, and if distances, then do everything to draw attention of the pet and to induce it to run to you.
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