• Feb 26, 2018

of Hozyaev of all dogs the same problem sooner or later – how to train an animal. These pets very serious and clever therefore it is necessary to teach them so that they implicitly obeyed and executed the read commands. Such obedience requires competent training of dogs in house conditions or specialized institutions.

How to train a dog of the house: rules and recommendations, irrespective of their breed and the size, face
of Hozyaev of all dogs the same problem sooner or later – how to train an animal

Unfortunately, not all have an opportunity to give the pet on training in professionals. Therefore it is useful to know how it is possible to train an animal independently. By and large for pets it is enough to know a standard set of training teams. Therefore first of all it is necessary to get acquainted with how to train a dog in house conditions that for this purpose needs to be known and considered.

How to begin training of a puppy (video)

Preparatory stage

Before beginning to demand something from the pet, that is to begin training in the required teams, it is necessary to acquire several important rules. K to them the following belongs:

  1. Studying of character of the pet. Each pet special, respectively, to everyone is required individual approach to achieve desirable results in training.
  2. Accurate statement of tasks which the dog has to execute during the occupations. It is necessary to develop concrete signals and gestures which the pet will understand and submit to them. At the same time it is impossible to change them in the training process as it confuses a dog, he as a result of them will ignore.
  3. Trainings have to be interesting not only for the person, but also for an animal. It is useful to play a little with a dog, for example, between tasks. It will allow to vanish and have a rest a little to all participants of a training. Still occupations are not recommended to be tightened.
  4. That the animal obeyed, with it first of all it is necessary to make friends. The pet has to trust the owner and to be afraid of nothing. And then even training of an adult dog in house conditions will become pleasant and easy.

If the described rules are acquired and applied, you should not worry about good results, training will take place according to the plan.

How to train a dog of the house: rules and recommendations

Training in the most necessary

There is a so-called standard set of necessary teams. When in the house the puppy appears, it needs to be trained in elements that when it grows up, it was possible to go outside quietly with it. So, how to train a dog in teams:

  1. Schooling to a nickname. As often as possible with positive emotions needs to say a nickname of a dog of the house. It is not recommended to distort and change a name, for example, to a caressing form. When at a dog conscious reaction to pronunciation of a nickname is observed, it can be indulged with delicacy.
  2. Team "to the owner". needs to pronounce These words every time when you call a dog to eat or play. After training at the street it will be possible to make corrections. For example, the pet has to not just approach the owner, and sit down at legs or in front. It is possible to train a dog gradually on the street, calling up periodically, treating sometimes with delicacy.
  3. Concentration of attention. the Puppy has to depend on the owner. Therefore since the childhood it needs to be put in the pet. It is for this purpose recommended to repeat simple exercise for physical activity during walks: to release a puppy, giving time to play, and it is necessary to depart gradually on distance, the dog has to notice absence of the owner, look for it and run up. When she finds you and will come into visual contact, it is necessary to praise her.
  4. For schooling of a dog to the place team will be required a lot of time, at the same time it is much more difficult to teach the adult person, than a puppy. From small age the pet should not allow to visit all places in the apartment. It is necessary to choose the special place for little dogs, for example, a pillow or a special lodge. With this place the puppy should have no bad associations therefore it is better to carry out medical and hygienic procedures in other zone. After acquaintance of a puppy to his place every time when he falls asleep follows, to transfer it there. At it it has to be postponed that there is no place in the apartment more cozy, than its corner.
  5. Forbidden words. the Animal has to understand that not always and not everything is pleasant to the owner. For this purpose it is necessary to tell accurately and loudly the word "no" when the pet does something is not right. For efficiency it is useful to rise at the same time before an animal and to put hands on each side.

Training of dogs of the house demands from owners of backbone, and sometimes and rigidity.

How to train a dog of the house: rules and recommendations

Secrets of independent training

Of course, rules and recommendations is a basis in training of the pet in teams. However, besides, there are some secrets of training by means of which the training process much more becomes simpler, and as for the owner, and directly for the pet.

So, highlights in training of dogs in teams:

  1. For simplification of training with the pet it is necessary to take a walk as long as possible on the street. Having a little got tired, the animal will not be able to disseminate the attention, and concentration will be only on tasks.
  2. After each giving of a certain team it is recommended to take a small break, up to 15 seconds. Frequent change of teams will only confuse a dog why it will not be able quickly to react to tasks.
  3. It is necessary to give the command once loudly and accurately, if to repeat it several times, the pet the same number of times will try to carry out it.
  4. Occupations should not be monotonous every day. It is better to give commands separately that the pet did not know what will be the following task, respectively, more attentively to it listened.
  5. Training of a dog should not tire both participants of educational process strongly. Often through time pets execute commands better and subsequently listen to the owner more attentively.
  6. If the animal on the first occupations carries out everything cautiously or it observes a certain fear, perhaps, it is necessary to treat not so strictly it or to reduce loading. It is better to begin with simple tasks then not to forget to encourage an animal. So at a dog it will be postponed that if it is good to perform a task, then it will be approved. For this purpose it is possible even during the occupations a little to play with an animal.
  7. In situations when the animal breaks for someone, for example for a cat, then it is necessary to pay attention to development of endurance separately. These purposes require a lead by means of which it will be possible to catch up or straighten out the pet.
  8. The dog has to execute commands from all family members, at the same time it is not recommended to train a dog collectively. There is enough all the nobility as a dog understands the main teams.

How to train a puppy of the house (video) speaks

It is successful to train a dog it will be possible, only gradually giving her feasible loading. It is necessary to begin with simple teams, trying to obtain that the dog carried out them instantly both in house conditions, and on the street. When easy tasks are fulfilled ideally, it is possible to complicate training.

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