• Jan 14, 2020

So, you had a tiny lump of which you dreamed and long prepared for its emergence. But all the same almost each newly appeared owner is covered by confusion: how to train a puppy in house conditions? And whether it is possible to train a puppy of the house?

As it is correct to h2 title=" to train a puppy in house conditions?

First of all, you remember that you should not wait until the puppy grows up to begin to train him. To begin to train a puppy in house conditions it is possible from the first day of its emergence in you. However, certainly, it is impossible to demand from the kid of everything and at once. The answer to the question "as it is correct to train a puppy in house conditions", in a nutshell consists in four words: gradually, is consecutive , regularly, interestingly.

to Begin to train a puppy it is necessary exactly at home – in habitual house conditions to him simpler to concentrate, and nothing distracts him from occupations. And only when the skill is acquired, it is worth setting it, being engaged in different places.

needs to Train a puppy of the house every day, and it is better – several times a day, but gradually. The first occupations should not last longer than 3 - 5 minutes. And it does not mean that all this time you work one team. If you act this way, the puppy will quickly start missing and will lose interest in occupations. A variety – what is necessary.

it is correct to p title=" to train a puppy in house conditions – means to train him only in playful way. So the puppy not only will easily learn new, but also will fall in love with occupations, so, you in the future will have no problems with motivation.

And, of course, training a puppy of the house, as well as when training on the street, you do not stint a praise and encouragement, note each success and rejoice together with the pet

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