• Jan 14, 2020

you began to train a puppy, and here he already perfectly obeys the house. But it would be desirable that the kid was same obedient and on the street. However for some reason on the street the puppy ceases to obey … What to do? How to train a puppy on the street?

Correctly to train a puppy on the street, it is necessary to adhere to the same principles, as at training of a puppy of the house . But, of course, adjusted for more difficult conditions.

For the first occupations with a puppy on the street it is necessary to choose the quiet place familiar to the pet where nobody will disturb you, and the kid will not be distracted by other dogs, people, transport, cats, etc. It is important that it was easy for puppy to concentrate on you and to execute your commands.

As soon as you will work the taught teams in the quiet place, it is possible to increase complexity. That is to pass to other place and/or to add irritants (for example, presence of the assistant – other person).

But you remember
that when you increase complexity when training a puppy on the street, in the beginning you reduce requirements. That is, if the kid already carried out endurance on command "to Sit" in the familiar place within 30 seconds, in the new place probably you need to reduce this time literally to couple of seconds. Gradually requirements increase.

Requirements to command execution (for example, increase in hold time) and complexity of conditions of its performance (for example, quantity of irritants) never raise together! Everything is good in its season, training of a dog on the street has to go step by step.

Also you remember that of a dog badly generalize . Therefore it is important when training a dog on the street to be engaged in different places.

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