• Dec 3, 2019

" How to train the American bulldog? " — owners often ask. It is worth beginning training from the moment of appearance of the kid in the house. Designate for the American bulldog of the rule of conduct, norm of interaction with people and animals.

 the American bulldog On a photo: American bulldog

To answer the question "how to train the American bulldog", it is necessary to decide on the principles and the purposes.

The important principles in training and education of a puppy of the American bulldog: hardness, patience and sequence. If imposed any ban – do not allow a dog to break it under no circumstances. If it is impossible to lie on a bed – means, it is impossible always. The policy "generally is impossible, but today it is possible" is extremely pernicious for your relationship with the pet. They do not forgive to inconsistency.

It is almost impossible to retrain this dog. Ambul with the crumpled mentality will hardly become a normal dog. The best owner for this dog: the balanced, quiet person who can show necessary hardness but not humiliate the pet. The authority of the owner is proved not by a beating. Only valid, but at the same time uncompromising approach.

The calmness and obstinacy can become the reason that the American bulldog will be considered silly. It's not true. They perfectly understand teams and keep them in mind, but not always seek to carry out. Delicacy can become an additional motivator, but you should not rely on it too.

Exists a number of rules which can help with training process амбуля:
  1. the Command is given both by gesture, and voice.
  2. the Command always has to be given equally.
  3. Try to obtain command execution. If the puppy is too keen on something another and there is a risk that he will ignore you – better not to give the command at all, than to form unnecessary belief that it can be not executed.
  4. Encourage a puppy with stroking and delicacy.
  5. Remember that in any situation you teach something a dog.
  6. the Puppy studies only in a game.
  7. It is impossible to beat a puppy.
  8. the Principle of working off of skills — "from simple to difficult".
  9. do not tire a puppy with repeated repetitions or excessive requirements.
If you do not cope with training of the American bulldog independently – address the cynologist familiar with specifics of breed.

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